Declaration in support of reforming the State Defence Order


In support of the Reform of the State Defense Order

We, the representatives of non-governmental organizations and expert society in Ukraine,

Recognizing the security challenges facing our state;

Understanding the importance of fully and effectively ensuring its defense capability;

Reaffirming the constitutional norm of the irreversibility of Ukraine’s course towards European and Euro-Atlantic integration;

Understanding the need of comprehensive and systemic approach to defence industry reform as well as the implementation of the provisions contained within the strategic planning documents in the security and defense sector;

Emphasizing the commitment to the principles of democratic civilian control, as defined in Art. 4 and Art. 10 (3) of the Law of Ukraine “On National Security”, and mandatory accountability of defense institutions;

Recognizing the need to balance between the openness of information and the inadmissibility of its disclosure, which may create a threat to Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty;

Gravely Concerned by the scale, and destructive consequences, of corruption in the security and defense sector;

Assert that the current system of the State Defense Order does not meet the current needs of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, makes it impossible to develop national defense enterprises and impedes international military-technical cooperation and investment;

Call upon the Ukrainian authorities to effectively and speedily reform the state defence order system in Ukraine, in accordance with best international practices, founded on democratic values and principles and;

Declare our intention to fully contribute to the implementation of such reforms and have priorities the following objectives:

Goal 1: Increased level of transparency of the state defense order. This goal is achieved by favoring open purchases and reducing the number of secret purchases, and, simultaneously introducing competitive procedures for classified procurements, in those cases where secrecy is deemed an absolute necessity.

Objective 2: Implementation of market-based approach to pricing of military goods, works and services during classified competitive procedures. This objective is achieved by balancing the interests of customers and defense enterprises to assure sufficient levels of profit for modernization and development of production capacities.

Goal 3: Equal access to the state defence order by producers of military goods, works and services. This objective is achieved through greater transparency of the state defense order and by way of equal, clear and transparent rules for the participation of public and private enterprises in closed competitive procedures.

Kyiv, June 19, 2019


Organization Name
Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee Olena Tregub
The Association «Ukrainian Defense and Security Industry» Evhen Krupa
Public Organization “League of Defense Companies of Ukraine” Oleksandr Yasynsky
Center for army, conversion and disarmament studies Valentyn Badrak
StateWatch Hlib Kanievsky
Dnipro Space Cluster Evhen Rokytsky
Maidan of Foreign Affairs Foundation Oleksandr Polishchuk
U.S.- Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) Morgan Williams

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