Defence Industry
The defence industry is a profitable part of the economy because it circulates significant assets and a large amount of money. That is why this industry is so prone to corruption.

In general, the management of state-owned enterprises in the defence industry is inefficient and non-transparent. The flagship of the defence industry of Ukraine, state concern Ukroboronprom, is not subject to the general rules of state enterprises. In particular, the concern has no corporate governance and there are no requirements for accountability and transparency of its activities. As a result, Ukroboronprom has repeatedly been the subject of anti-corruption investigations and scandals.

To solve this problem, Ukrainian defence companies need to implement international anti-corruption and OECD corporate governance standards in their work. In particular, the Law of Ukraine №1630-IX, adopted in 2021, is aimed at achieving this. NAKO experts were actively involved in its development and promoted compliance with the best international standards. Now, NAKO will monitor and supervise the implementation of this law.
19 October, 2021
Director General of Ukroboronprom announced the first steps of the reform
Yuriy Husyev said that back in August, the Supervisory Board approved a proposal to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to reorganize Ukroboronprom
2 October, 2021
Volodymyr Zelensky signed the Law on reforming Ukroboronprom
The Law fully launches the reform of State conglomerate Ukroboronprom
22 September, 2021
Ukroboronprom will engage graduates from top western universities in its reform
On September 22, a workshop was devoted to the reform of Ukroboronprom and how the graduates of top western universities can pool together their efforts in developing Ukraine’s state defence industry sector
27 August, 2021
President approved the Strategy of Defence Industry Development
One step closer towards the development of Ukraine’s defence industry!
25 August, 2021
Tregub met with the representatives of the European Parliament
Developments in anti-corruption reforms within the defence and security sector were one of the key issues discussed
19 July, 2021
Olena Tregub discussed the reform in defence with the Ambassador of Canada
The main topics of the discussion included reform of Ukroboronprom, anti-corruption reforms within the Ministry of Defence and gender equality in the defence and security sector
19 July, 2021
Tregub partook in an anti-corruption roundtable with George Kent
Among the topics discussed - reform of the state defence industry and proper implementation of the Law on defence procurement
18 July, 2021
NATO supports Ukroboronprom's Reform: Conclusions of the Defence Industry Forum in Odessa
The participants discussed a prospective model for a reformed defence industry in Ukraine, including steps to turn it into an advanced, transparent, and efficient field capable of attracting foreign and domestic investments
17 July, 2021
Reform of Ukroboronprom discussed on a meeting with Gordon Davis
The issues of implementation of adopted laws in the defence and security sector were among the discussed topics
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