NAKO Development
NAKO was established in 2016 as a project focused exclusively on the defence sector. In 2019, NAKO became a separate public organization working to reduce corruption and promote good governance in areas important to Ukraine’s national security.

We are further building NAKO as a powerful independent anti-corruption organization with a high level of expertise in the security and defence sector. This includes expanding the mandate and team and strengthening existing capabilities. We also pay considerable attention to developing the strategic management of our organization, attracting new professional representatives to the board, and expanding both domestic and international cooperation.
15 January, 2022
Working visit of NAKO Executive Director to Washington

Tregub met with representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense, State Department, and Congress.

9 September, 2021
Sevgil Musaieva Joined NAKO Board
As a Crimean Tatar and a co-founder of the Crimea-SOS project, Sevgil sees corruption in the defence and security sector as a threat to national security and is perfectly aware of the need to fight corruption in this area
19 April, 2021
NAKO expands its mandate
From now on, we will take care of anti-corruption and the promotion of integrity not only in the defence sector
24 February, 2020
Call for Members of the NAKO Executive Board
This is an opportunity to join the Board of Ukraine’s leading anti-corruption NGO in defence sector and provide strategic direction and guidance, supporting our work on anti-corruption in Ukraine
31 January, 2020
The next phase for NAKO
A year ago, NAKO has become an independent NGO and has steadily worked to improve its governance and staffing structures
18 April, 2019
Yulia Marushevska Joined NAKO as a Committee Member
She has replaced on this position Sevgil Musaieva who has been NAKO's Member of the Committee for two years and who is now the Board Member
16 November, 2018
NAKO is currently seeking a Ukrainian member
This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about integrity and accountability in the defence sector
26 August, 2018
NAKO has a New Twitter Account
We lauch the Twitter account to be closer to you in social media.
19 October, 2017
NAKO now has a Facebook page
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