Transparency vs Secrecy
Ukraine’s current legal framework for state secrets inherited the Soviet approach to excessive secrecy of all issues related to national security.

This system is based on the principle of secrecy for any information in the security and defence sector. For example, more than half of the Defence Ministry’s procurement is classified. This creates opportunities for large-scale corruption, which often leads to the supply of substandard military goods and services to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, sometimes indirectly causing the death of Ukrainian service members. Corruption in the security and defence sector weakens Ukraine’s ability to defend its national security.

One of NAKO’s key objectives is to strengthen the capacity of civil society to amend legislation on state secrets. We are convinced that the new legislation on protecting state secrets must comply with international democratic standards. This will increase the transparency of budgets and procurement and allow them to be monitored more effectively.
21 December, 2022
Biden task force investigating how US tech ends up in Iranian attack drones used against Ukraine
Agencies across Washington are involved in the task force, including the departments of Defense, State, Justice, Commerce and Treasury
14 December, 2022
Members of a group that supplied Western technologies to the Russia will be judged in the United States
Jail term could be up to 30 years
13 December, 2022
The Verkhovna Rada liquidates the District Administrative Court of Kyiv
The Kyiv City District Administrative Court will be established in its place
8 December, 2022
"We will go the way of gender equality"
- the Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
12 November, 2022
Paris Peace Forum participants do not understand the importance of the topic of the war in Ukraine
They do not talk about the war in Ukraine, which has already become a world war
15 February, 2022
A secret program for developing ammunition production ended with numerous courts and criminal cases - NAKO
State defence plants could not spend budget funds to launch the modern production of ammunition
11 February, 2022
Parliament approved a three-year closed defence procurement plan for 2022-24

Parliament approved a consolidated three-year plan for closed defence procurement for 2022-2024. The next step is approval by the Cabinet of Ministers.

9 February, 2022
Military levy to be credited to a special-purpose fund
The military levy, 1.5% of income, paid by Ukrainians since the outbreak of war, is supposed to be used to provide for the needs of the army. 
2 February, 2022
Secrecy reduced in the three-year procurement plan
A statement by Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukrainian Defence Minister
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