Good Governance
After the start of the war in Donbas, the budget for security and defence increased from 14 billion UAH in 2014 to 267 billion UAH in 2021, with 43% of this amount coming from the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

Despite the availability of additional resources, the current state of governance in the security and defence sector cannot guarantee quality and decent provision of the Ukrainian army, which threatens Ukraine’s national security. Serious conflicts of interest, corrupt practices by officials, and the lack of a culture of good governance in the security and defence sector lead to inefficient provision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the necessary goods and services. As a result, the Ukrainian service members do not have adequate protection.

NAKO is actively cooperating with the Ministry of defence to improve management in this sector. We strive to improve the social security and general welfare of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular in matters relating to housing, construction, land, and medical services.
1 February, 2022
Reforms in Ukroboronprom, SSU, and Ministry of Defence to be 2022 priorities for G7 Ambassadors
G7 Ambassadors Support Group on Ukraine presented priority areas of cooperation for 2022. 
27 September, 2021
Analysis of Draft Law №5716 on defence housing
NAKO analysed the Draft Law and found that the document does not regulate the defence housing issue
27 September, 2021
NACP will monitor Draft Law №5716 on defence housing
NAKO analysed the Draft Law and found that the document does not regulate the defence housing issue.
24 September, 2021
Ministry of Defence owes UAH 5.7 bln to service members
These are the so-called “ATO” payments, bonuses, health benefits, etc
7 July, 2021
Ukraine Reform Conference
Vilnius is hosting the 4th International Ukraine Reform Conference. What was on the Ukraine delegation’s agenda?
1 July, 2021
How to Make Medical Procurement More Efficient? NAKO Provides Recommendations
In May 2020, the Medical Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine purchased 2.5 million medical masks and received UAH 1,0 worth of "kickback" for each mask they procured.
14 March, 2021
Corruption in the Real Estate Sector of the Ministry of Defence: Risks and Recommendations
Building on that analysis, this report zeroes in on specific corruption-related schemes enabled by shortcomings in the governance of MOD real estate, which should be used to improve the defence housing situation
12 March, 2021
NAKO Presented a Research on Corruption in MoD's Real Estate
The presentation took place in the Verkhovna Rada's Committee on National Security, Defence, and Intelligence.
19 January, 2021
NAKO took part in MoD's corruption risks assessment
Corruption risks assessment is the foundation for a new Anti-Corruption Program of the Ministry of Defence for 2021-2024
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