Events / Defence Industry
4 November, 2022
By strengthening the Ukrainian army, South Korea will help prevent the use of nuclear weapons by Russia - Olena Tregub
The executive director of NAKO took part in a round table discussion in South Korea
25 September, 2022
South Korea must realize that Ukraine is winning the war with Russia - Olena Tregub
Executive Director Olena Tregub visited South Korea
12 January, 2022
NAKO and IDA discussed the reform of the defence industry of Ukraine
Olena Tregub held a meeting with a team of experts from the Institute for Defence Analyses (IDA) involved in the reform of the Ukrainian defence industry
24 December, 2021
Ukroboronprom follows the global trend of increasing transparency at state owned enterprises – NAKO
A recent report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) demonstrates that more and more state-owned enterprises around the world are increasing their publicity and transparency.
17 November, 2021
Defence industry reform is under close public scrutiny - Tregub
Civil society must be involved as much as possible in the transformation of Ukroboronprom.
22 September, 2021
Ukroboronprom will engage graduates from top western universities in its reform
On September 22, a workshop was devoted to the reform of Ukroboronprom and how the graduates of top western universities can pool together their efforts in developing Ukraine’s state defence industry sector
25 August, 2021
Tregub met with the representatives of the European Parliament
Developments in anti-corruption reforms within the defence and security sector were one of the key issues discussed
19 July, 2021
Olena Tregub discussed the reform in defence with the Ambassador of Canada
The main topics of the discussion included reform of Ukroboronprom, anti-corruption reforms within the Ministry of Defence and gender equality in the defence and security sector
19 July, 2021
Tregub partook in an anti-corruption roundtable with George Kent
Among the topics discussed - reform of the state defence industry and proper implementation of the Law on defence procurement
18 July, 2021
NATO supports Ukroboronprom's Reform: Conclusions of the Defence Industry Forum in Odessa
The participants discussed a prospective model for a reformed defence industry in Ukraine, including steps to turn it into an advanced, transparent, and efficient field capable of attracting foreign and domestic investments
17 July, 2021
Reform of Ukroboronprom discussed on a meeting with Gordon Davis
The issues of implementation of adopted laws in the defence and security sector were among the discussed topics
25 June, 2021
Civil Society Meets with Oleksandr Kornienko
In particular, they discussed the Draft Law №3822 on corporatization of Ukroboronprom member companies, which the Parliament may vote on in the coming weeks
13 May, 2021
It is impossible to invest in high technologies without corporatization - Pashchenko
On May 13, Ukrinform news agency hosted the round table “Restarting the state defence industry.”
6 May, 2021
Representatives of civil society, anti-corruption bodies and business met with the Secretary Blinken
Ukraine's progress in anti-corruption and good governance reforms is a direct condition of support for the United States.
26 March, 2021
Embassies of the USA, Great Britain and independent experts urge reforming Ukroboronprom in accordance with OECD standards
On March 26, Unian news agency hosted a briefing by the Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO), “Corporate governance reform in Ukraine’s defence industry: from initiative to implementation.”
12 February, 2021
Defence Companies Index: Transparency International Calls for Ukroboronprom to Continue its Move to Anti-Corruption
Ukroboronrpom, the only Ukrainian company represented in DCI, earned a grade of E and scored 28 out of 110.
23 November, 2020
Parliamentary Committee or NDSC Suggested as Platforms to Resume Dialogue on Defence Industry Reform
An open and transparent dialogue between the Ministry of Strategic Industries and other key stakeholders including Ukroboronprom is needed to unpause the defence industry reform.
12 October, 2020
NAKO Calls for Reform of MOD State-Owned Enterprises
2016 was the last year when the consolidated report of 114 state-owned enterprises (SOE) of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) demonstrated any profit.
11 June, 2020
Panaiotidi: MIC Development Not Possible without OECD Standards
On June 11, NAKO Online Defence Talks welcomed key policymakers in Ukraine’s defence and security sector to discuss selected burning issues such as possible new defence industry ministry.
23 February, 2020
What Happened and Is Happening in the Defence Industry?
More than a year and a half has passed since adopting the plan to reform the defence industry. During this time, the President, Parliament, and Government changed. However, has the military-industrial complex of Ukraine changed?
31 January, 2020
Security and Defence Discussed at the Meeting with Secretary Pompeo
Reforms and anti-corruption, business and investment, the issue of the annexed Crimea discussed
9 December, 2019
Recent Developments in Defence and Security Sector Discussed at the High-Level Seminar
The current issues within the defence sector were openly discussed, along with the realistic ways to tackle the challenges.  
29 August, 2019
TI Ukraine and NAKO Announced Key Priorities for the Parliament
NAKO together with Transparency International Ukraine announced the key priorities for the Parliament
25 July, 2019
Civil Society Presented the Anti-Corruption Strategy which Includes NAKOs Recommendations
Ukraine didn’t have the Anti-Corruption Strategy since 2017
11 July, 2019
Reforms and International Audit Confirmed as the Strategic Goals for Ukroboronprom
NAKO partook in the open part of the meeting of the renewed Supervisory Board of state-defence enterprise Ukroboronprom
11 July, 2019
Reforms in Defence Sector are Publicly Debated with the Top-Rated Parties
Defence sector reform, Ukraine’s European integration path and reintegration of Crimea and Donbas
4 July, 2019
Toronto Principles Presented at Ukraine Reform Conference
The Toronto Principles identify key reform targets for Ukraine for the next 5 years
19 June, 2019
NAKO 12 Quarterly: Committee Discussed Reforms with NDSC Secretary Danylyuk
The Committee shared with Mr Danylyuk its report on Reforming the System of the SDO
18 June, 2019
Corruption Schemes at Ukroboronprom Discussed with Expert Community
The need for increased transparency and accountability at Ukroboronprom was widely agreed upon
17 April, 2019
NAKO Secretary General Called for the Next President to Speed Up Reforms in Defence Sector
What had been done over the last 5 years was not enough to bring Ukraine’s defence sector closer to NATO standards
11 April, 2019
16 Presidential Candidates Shared Views on Fighting Corruption in Defence
Of the 44 registered candidates, only 16 responded
14 March, 2019
NAKO Held a Roundtable on the upcoming Presidential Elections and the Future of Defence Industry Governance
NAKO Committee Member Michel Yakovleff presented the results of a Questionnaire NAKO
19 June, 2018
NAKO 8: Quarterly Meeting Sets New Research & Advocacy Objectives in Defence & Security Sector
NAKO members strategized to deepen dialogue with Ukroboronprom on matters pertaining to the independent international audit
19 June, 2018
NAKO and Ukroboronprom Have Reestablished Dialogue on the International Audit of Ukroboronprom
NAKO and Ukroboronprom Have Reestablished Dialogue on the International Audit of Ukroboronprom
18 June, 2018
NAKO and Ukroboronprom Have Reestablished Dialogue on the International Audit of Ukroboronprom
NAKO met with management and the Supervisory Board of the state defence establishment Ukroboronprom to discuss further dialogue on the international audit