Events / Secrecy
9 December, 2021
Index of integrity in defence governance

Ukraine is again in the group with a high risk of corruption.

8 December, 2021
The law “On State Secrets” needs to be changed - Tregub
The conference “Modus initiative"
30 September, 2021
NAKO presented the preliminary results of an analytical study on secrecy 
The discussion was attended by representatives of state authorities, in particular, the Ministry of Defense and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Members of Parliament, the international community, and independent experts.
18 May, 2021
SBU draft law restricts access to public information - Tregub
The draft law does not comply with the law On Access to Public Information.
22 January, 2020
NAKO Partook in the Working Group on Secret Information in the Parliament
NAKO as the civil society organization partakes in the group to provide the optimal balance between secrecy and transparency
8 November, 2019
Training on Parliamentary Control for MPs and their Assistants
Secrecy and Parliamentary Control were defined as the key topics to be covered by the training at the request of the very MPs
26 September, 2019
NAKO presented anti-corruption agenda within the defence and security sector
On September 26 in Kyiv a conference took place where experts and government officials presented more than 100 anti-corruption actions needed to mitigate large sectoral corruption schemes
30 August, 2019
Law on Protection of Secret information Should be the Priority
Olena Tregub announced the priority bills in Ukraine’s defence and security sector which NAKO recommends to be adopted by 2020
29 August, 2019
TI Ukraine and NAKO Announced Key Priorities for the Parliament
NAKO together with Transparency International Ukraine announced the key priorities for the Parliament
25 July, 2019
Civil Society Presented the Anti-Corruption Strategy which Includes NAKOs Recommendations
Ukraine didn’t have the Anti-Corruption Strategy since 2017
4 July, 2019
Toronto Principles Presented at Ukraine Reform Conference
The Toronto Principles identify key reform targets for Ukraine for the next 5 years
19 June, 2019
Civil Society Calls for Decision-Makers to Reform the SDO
NAKO in cooperation with the other representatives of the civil society presented the Declaration where the signatories called for state government bodies to urgently and efficiently reform the State Defence Order
17 April, 2019
NAKO Secretary General Called for the Next President to Speed Up Reforms in Defence Sector
What had been done over the last 5 years was not enough to bring Ukraine’s defence sector closer to NATO standards
11 April, 2019
16 Presidential Candidates Shared Views on Fighting Corruption in Defence
Of the 44 registered candidates, only 16 responded
7 February, 2019
Secrecy and Transparency Discussed at the IV MoD International Anti-Corruption Week
As a result of the Anti-Corruption Week the participants elaborated some recommendations which would promote reforms at Ukraine’s MoD