Events / Euro-Atlantic integration
18 July, 2021
NATO supports Ukroboronprom's Reform: Conclusions of the Defence Industry Forum in Odessa
The participants discussed a prospective model for a reformed defence industry in Ukraine, including steps to turn it into an advanced, transparent, and efficient field capable of attracting foreign and domestic investments
17 July, 2021
Reform of Ukroboronprom discussed on a meeting with Gordon Davis
The issues of implementation of adopted laws in the defence and security sector were among the discussed topics
6 May, 2021
Representatives of civil society, anti-corruption bodies and business met with the Secretary Blinken
Ukraine's progress in anti-corruption and good governance reforms is a direct condition of support for the United States.
26 March, 2021
Embassies of the USA, Great Britain and independent experts urge reforming Ukroboronprom in accordance with OECD standards
On March 26, Unian news agency hosted a briefing by the Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO), “Corporate governance reform in Ukraine’s defence industry: from initiative to implementation.”
11 June, 2020
Panaiotidi: MIC Development Not Possible without OECD Standards
On June 11, NAKO Online Defence Talks welcomed key policymakers in Ukraine’s defence and security sector to discuss selected burning issues such as possible new defence industry ministry.
10 February, 2020
NAKO Partook in the Roundtable on US-Ukraine Relations
Tregub pointed out some success stories within Ukraine’s defence and security
31 January, 2020
Security and Defence Discussed at the Meeting with Secretary Pompeo
Reforms and anti-corruption, business and investment, the issue of the annexed Crimea discussed
9 December, 2019
Recent Developments in Defence and Security Sector Discussed at the High-Level Seminar
The current issues within the defence sector were openly discussed, along with the realistic ways to tackle the challenges.  
25 July, 2019
Civil Society Presented the Anti-Corruption Strategy which Includes NAKOs Recommendations
Ukraine didn’t have the Anti-Corruption Strategy since 2017
24 July, 2019
Law on National Security Discussed at the International Coordination Meeting
Olena Tregub partook in the Sixth coordination meeting of the National defence and security working group, in the framework of the initiative of international donors under the EU auspices
11 July, 2019
Reforms in Defence Sector are Publicly Debated with the Top-Rated Parties
Defence sector reform, Ukraine’s European integration path and reintegration of Crimea and Donbas
25 June, 2019
The Progress of Eastern Partnership Discussed in the Hague
Dr. Lada Roslycky joined the discussion of the Eastern Partnership at the Humanity House organized by the Dutch party D66
17 April, 2019
NAKO Secretary General Called for the Next President to Speed Up Reforms in Defence Sector
What had been done over the last 5 years was not enough to bring Ukraine’s defence sector closer to NATO standards
11 April, 2019
16 Presidential Candidates Shared Views on Fighting Corruption in Defence
Of the 44 registered candidates, only 16 responded
9 December, 2018
NAKO presented at the International Anti-Corruption Conference
NAKO members presented on topics ranging from the impact of corruption on the perception of Ukraine