Nako in media / Defence Industry
22 September, 2021
“Iron Dome” from the United States: generous help or a disservice?
Ukraine may receive new Israeli-designed Iron Dome missile defence systems from the United States, according to Politico, and the U.S. Congress has amended the draft defence budget for 2022.
20 September, 2021
“Register of performers” of defence procurement: slow, opaque, and very important
Missiles, trucks, ammunition, and military uniforms are a small part of the large list of the Ukrainian army’s needs
31 August, 2021
Corporatization of Ukroboronprom: progress and risks
The bill №3822, approved by the parliament in July, is awaiting the signature of the President of Ukraine. Supported by Western partners and subjected to many rounds of discussions with the expert community, this document is likely to enter into force, but intrigue remains - the ball is in the hands of the head of state.
20 July, 2021
Ukroboronprom critically lacks young staff - Mylovanov
Participants of the Lviv Security Forum spoke about how the state's defence capabilities will change
19 July, 2021
Ukroboronprom hopes to fulfil the state defence order-2021
Although the Law on Defence Procurement has not been implemented due to the absence of bylaws, Ukroboronprom is working to fulfil the state defence order for 2021-2022
19 July, 2021
Ukroboronprom will transform into a joint-stock company within three months - Husiev
Yuriy Husiev, Ukroboronprom’s Director General, delivered such a comment to "NV" on the “Effective Industry for Defence Capability" forum’s sidelines
10 June, 2021
We need to integrate NATO standards in the defence industry - Husiev
Ukraine needs to integrate the standards of NATO countries into its defence industry and develop deeper cooperation with the Allies in this regard
19 April, 2021
Strategy for Defence Industry Development: forward to NATO or back to the USSR?
Will Ukroboronprom be transformed from a corrupt defence industry monster into a modern and efficient structure? Will reforming the Concern cement the Soviet principles of governance? Will it happen at all? 
22 January, 2021
Ministry of Scandals or Reforms: What did the Ministry for Strategic Industries remember for six months of its work?
NAKO decided to summarize the main results of the institution.
14 July, 2020
Appointment of Uruskiy: Tregub pointed at possible corruption risks
Tregub said that the selection and appointment process was far from transparent and too quick to take into consideration the professional opinion of experts and civil society
6 May, 2020
To steal from the army: Who makes a fortune from armor?
729 mln UAH of damages for Ukraine for the last 6 years
5 March, 2019
Ukroboronprom needs an international audit
Taras Yemchura stressed that firstly UOP needs an independent, international audit, only after that the discussion on whether UOP should or should not be liquidated is possible. 
3 March, 2019 investigation in the context of upcoming presidential elections
Hladkovskyi's corruption scheme and how it may affect the upcoming presidential elections were discussed
17 February, 2019
Risky Secrecy. What Causes Corruption in the Military Industrial Complex
Hanna Chabaray from Tyzhden journal writes about plundering in the army, namely about some data from the Ukrainian NGOs which analyze corruption in defence. She highlights the key corruption schemes in the military industrial comple
4 April, 2018
Anti-graft watchdog halts cooperation with UkrOboronProm due to stalled reforms
The Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee, or NAKO, a Ukrainian non-government anti-graft watchdog, said on Dec. 26 it would withdraw from engagement with Ukrainian state-run defense industry concern UkrOboronProm
11 August, 2017
War and Business. Part 1
On the 25th anniversary of Independence Day parade, Ukrainians saw a new army, according to Petro Poroshenko. The military equipment for which was purchased or restored at the expense of taxpayers