Nako in media / International Assistance
28 November, 2022
The return of Crimea to Ukraine is the only way to punish russia for war crimes committed by its military on Ukraine`s territory - Olena Tregub
The return of Crimea no longer looks like a distant prospect
24 November, 2022
Iranian drones used in Ukraine built with western parts: Report
despite the US imposing punitive sanctions against Iran’s economy
11 November, 2022
India should stop trading with Russia today - Olena Tregub
Such a step will help influence Russia
10 November, 2022
Any cutbacks to U.S. military aid to Kyiv could deal an existential blow to Ukraine - Olena Tregub
Republican Party wants to cut spending on Ukraine
10 November, 2022
Support for Ukraine is a preventing signal for authoritarian countries - Olena Tregub
The executive director of NAKO gave an interview to a South Korean magazine
11 October, 2022
Ignoring Russian terrorist acts by the world increases the risk of nuclear strikes - Olena Tregub
Russia should see the appropriate reaction of the world
26 September, 2022
To stay neutral in the face of Russia’s invasion is to support genocide - Olena Tregub
Currently, South Korea does not sufficiently help Ukraine
8 July, 2022
Against all Odds: Ukraine’s Defence Reform Process
The reform process in Ukraine could present us with the opportunity to learn lessons and formulate future plans
22 September, 2021
“Iron Dome” from the United States: generous help or a disservice?
Ukraine may receive new Israeli-designed Iron Dome missile defence systems from the United States, according to Politico, and the U.S. Congress has amended the draft defence budget for 2022.
4 April, 2018
How to Waste Western Military Assistance
In late 2017, Ukraine failed to receive assistance that was expected from two of its largest donors, the IMF and the EU
30 May, 2017
Does International Security Assistance Reach the Frontlines?
Since the beginning of armed hostilities in the Donbas region, Ukraine has received hundreds of millions of dollars of international security assistance for self-defensive sphere