Nako in media / Sanctions
5 December, 2022
The Japanese government have to investigate how Japanese components got into Iranian drones
Authoritarian states should not have access to modern technologies 
5 December, 2022
Shahed 136 contains components from a Canadian company
The company assures that its products are used illegally
1 December, 2022
We can take steps to stop Russia and Iran from getting Western technology for weapons production - Olena Tregub
The NAKO`s research has huge interest
28 November, 2022
The return of Crimea to Ukraine is the only way to punish russia for war crimes committed by its military on Ukraine`s territory - Olena Tregub
The return of Crimea no longer looks like a distant prospect
24 November, 2022
Iranian drones used in Ukraine built with western parts: Report
despite the US imposing punitive sanctions against Iran’s economy
11 November, 2022
India should stop trading with Russia today - Olena Tregub
Such a step will help influence Russia
10 November, 2022
Support for Ukraine is a preventing signal for authoritarian countries - Olena Tregub
The executive director of NAKO gave an interview to a South Korean magazine
11 October, 2022
Ignoring Russian terrorist acts by the world increases the risk of nuclear strikes - Olena Tregub
Russia should see the appropriate reaction of the world
26 September, 2022
To stay neutral in the face of Russia’s invasion is to support genocide - Olena Tregub
Currently, South Korea does not sufficiently help Ukraine