News / Defence Industry
2 October, 2021
Volodymyr Zelensky signed the Law on reforming Ukroboronprom
The Law fully launches the reform of State conglomerate Ukroboronprom
27 August, 2021
President approved the Strategy of Defence Industry Development
One step closer towards the development of Ukraine’s defence industry!
7 July, 2021
Ukraine Reform Conference
Vilnius is hosting the 4th International Ukraine Reform Conference. What was on the Ukraine delegation’s agenda?
6 July, 2021
The Conference "Effective Industry for Defence Capability"
The conference "Effective Industry for Defence Capability" will take place in Odesa on July 16-17
12 May, 2021
OECD Supports NAKO's Position on Draft Law 3822
OECD published Review of the Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in Ukraine. It mentions Ukroboronprom
15 April, 2021
Cabinet of Ministers Approved the Strategy of Defence Industry Without Public Discussions
According to the legislation, the development of such documents requires mandatory public consultations. But there were none
19 March, 2021
Announcement. Public Presentation of NAKO's Brief on Ukroboronprom's Reform
The brief includes assessment of the current state of affairs and NAKO's recommendations for the practical implementation of corporate governance standards at state-owned enterprises in Ukraine's defence industry
9 February, 2021
PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT. DCI Results: Has Ukroboronprom Become More Transparent?
On Friday, February 12, from 14:00 to 15:00 the Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO) will publicly announce the results of the global “Defence Companies Index” (DCI) by Transparency International Defense and Security program.
29 January, 2021
Lawmakers Officially Launched Ukroboronprom Corporatization
227 MPs voted for the document
21 January, 2021
The Cabinet of Ministers fired Vitaliy Nemilostivy
NAKO supports the responsible attitude and timely response of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine and Oleh Urusky
21 January, 2021
One step closer to reform of Ukroboronprom
The draft Law No. 3822 recommended to adopt in the first reading!
24 December, 2020
Draft Law on Reforming State Enterprises in Ukraine's Defense Industry: Does it Correspond to OECD Principles?
The changes need to take place in accordance with the principles of the OECD which are the best standards for corporate governance of state enterprises
10 December, 2020
Ukroboronprom's SOEs: First Wave of Privatization Launched
As a result of triage analysis, only 33 enterprises were considered financially stable. As for other enterprises, the concern has developed plans for reorganization and reassignment
9 December, 2020
Government Defence Integrity Index: Ukraine In High Corruption Risk Zone
Today, on the International Anti-Corruption Day, NAKO is happy to announce that Transparency International launched its Government Defence Integrity Index (GDI) for Central and Easter Europe (CEE).
3 December, 2020
Yuriy Husiev Appointed a new Director General of Ukroboronprom
On December 3, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky appointed Yuriy Husiev the new Director-General of State Concern Ukroboronprom, thus replacing Ihor Fomenko, the acting Director
19 November, 2020
Ukroboronprom Informs about the Halt in Reforms
Ukroboronprom informs that the Ministry of Strategic Industries interferes with its business activity and scales down the reform of the military-industrial complex
16 November, 2020
First four months of Minstrategprom: reforms stalled?
It has already been almost four months since a new Ministry for Strategic Industries was set up and it’s high time to draw first observations on the effectiveness of the new agency
6 October, 2020
The New Acting Director General of Ukroboronprom: What Do We Know about Him?
Yesterday, on October 6, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky appointed Ihor Fomenko the new acting Director General of state concern Ukroboronprom after accepting the resignation of Aivaras Abromavicius.
14 September, 2020
Statute for MinStrategProm adopted: some of corruption risks identified by NAKO removed, while others remained
The Statute regulating the functions of the newly created Ministry of Strategic Industries was officially published on the website of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers
19 August, 2020
NAKO identified corruption risks in the draft of the Decree regulating the MinStrategProm
How will the newly created Ministry for Strategic Industries will look like?
16 June, 2020
Statement on Ensuring Transparency of the MIC Reform
A collective address of the civil society on ensuring transparent decision-making as for the planned reform of Ukraine’s military and industrial complex (MIC)
14 April, 2020
No Monopoly for Arms Export: Why is it Important?
Cabinet of Ministers made a decision to allow business entities with the right to military export to independently enter external markets, without coordination of the marketing and pricing policy
11 February, 2020
Group to Reform Ukroboronprom Launched at the Defence Committee
The working group will be later divided into two subgroups: one of them will deal with the reform of Ukroboronprom and state defence enterprises, the other one with the State service for export control
18 December, 2019
Cabinet of Ministers Decided to Introduce OECD Standards at Ukroboronprom
Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers decided to introduce OECD standards Ukroboronprom, alongside with other 9 big state enterprises
5 September, 2019
The Auditor for Ukroboronprom Selected
International company Baker Tilly Ukraine won the tender for auditing Ukroboronprom
29 July, 2019
Statement on Transparent Personnel Appointments in the Military Industrial Complex
Common statement of the civil society as for providing transparent personnel appointments in the military industrial complex
23 July, 2019
Ukroboronprom re-announced the tender for financial audit
State defence enterprise Ukroboronprom will hold a tender for financial audit of the conglomerate itself and its member companies on 26 September
27 May, 2019
Press-Conference. What to do with Ukroboronprom? Aims and Directions of Reforms
The participants discussed the aims and directions of reforming the UoP
20 May, 2019
Volodymyr Zelensky's Answers to NAKO's Questionnaire
Now that Mr. Zelensky Mr. Zelensky has been inaugurated as the President of Ukraine, we have published his commitments in the English language
7 March, 2019
NAKO Statement on Bihus Defense Corruption Investigation
Corrupt officials should be brought to justice, Ukroboronprom - audited and reformed
5 March, 2019
Ukroboronprom needs an international audit
NAKO's Analyst, Taras Yemchura, gave an interview on Ukroboronprom (UOP) and its liquidation
11 December, 2018
Ukroboronprom's $4.5 mln audit tender: bidders revealed
Ukraine’s State Concern ‘Ukroboronprom’ announced a tender for the procurement of services related to strategic development, including strategic consultancy, legal due diligence and corporate governance assessment, and international financial audit
6 November, 2018
UoP tender updated to include feedback from bidders
Deadline moved to December 11, 2018
14 August, 2018
International Audit of UkrOboronProm: a Move towards Reforms
The participants specified the terms of the tender documentation, which will reduce the risks for the tenderers and will also ensure compliance with the interests of the customer
19 June, 2018
International Audit for Ukroboronprom is an Important Step Towards Reform
19 June 2018 the Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO) announced at the press conference that it is in favour of the revised tender for an independent audit and strategic analysis of Ukroboronprom
16 May, 2018
Ukroboronprom Makes Unprecedented Move by Announcing Bona Fide International Financial Audit Tender
Ukroboronprom Makes Unprecedented Move by Announcing Bona Fide International Financial Audit Tender
15 February, 2018
NAKO calls for a competitive procedure to select the Director of Ukroboronprom
NAKO calls upon Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman to define the criteria and procedure for the selection of the new Director General of the state-owned defence company Ukroboronprom
25 January, 2018
NAKO suggests improving the effectiveness of Ukroboronprom management
NAKO welcomes the President’s appointment of Ukroboronprom Supervisory board member and calls upon the Government to speed up the reforms of the Concern
26 December, 2017
NAKO withdraws from engagement with UkrOboronProm citing stalled reform efforts
The Government and Presidential Administration to make progress in establishing an independent Supervisory board
24 April, 2017
NAKO names six steps the Government should take to rid Ukroboronprom of corruption
On 14 April, Ukrainska Pravda has published an investigative journalist’s report on criminal schemes employed by Ukroboronprom
21 March, 2017
NAKO calls for reduced classification of defence information, and transparency on defence procurement and Ukroboronprom
“Secrecy doesn’t secure national interest – in fact, it increases the risk of corruption, which weakens the defence forces and threatens the safety of our state and empowers our enemies,” said Oleh Rybachuk, co-chair of the committee
17 November, 2016
TI Ukraine encourages the government to meet transparency standards in the defense sector
The Ministry of Economic Development responded to Transparency International Ukraine in an open letter on independent auditing by “Ukroboronprom”