News / Defence Procurement
11 November, 2021
What is the reason behind the failure to reform the national defence industry?
Details are provided in the official response to NAKO’s inquiry
8 November, 2021
Named TOP-15 corruption risks in the management of enterprises "Ukroboronprom"
We call on the government and parliament to pay attention to minimizing these risks.
5 November, 2021
NAKO: Ministry of Strategic Industries implemented a program to modernize the defence industry by only 9%
Implementation of state target programs of reforming and development of the defence industry” has spent 221 million UAH out of the planned  2.53 billion UAH
4 November, 2021
Reshuffle in government: What is known about the new ministers?
Oleksiy Reznikov became the new Minister of Defence, the Ministry of Strategic Industries is now headed by Pavlo Ryabikin, Iryna Vereshchuk moved from the Parliament to the Ministry of Reintegration, and Yulia Svyridenko moved from the Office of the President to the Ministry of Economy.
1 November, 2021
SBI investigators handed over the suspicion to the former Deputy Minister of Defenсe
He fed the servicemembers soup with worms - he was suspected of embezzling state funds.
21 October, 2021
U.S. Secretary of Defence visited Ukraine
The United States will continue to do its utmost to support Ukraine, Lloyd Austin promised
20 October, 2021
Corporate governance and defence procurement are two of the three most risky areas according to the NAPC
The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NAPC) monitored about 3,000 draft documents proposed for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers.
6 October, 2021
NAKO and partners are conducting a survey of volunteers

NAKO, StateWatch, and the Defence Procurement Reform Project have prepared a questionnaire for volunteers who buy goods for service members.

20 September, 2021
The Ministry of Defence plans to secretly spend UAH 95 billion on armaments - NAKO
The Ministry of Defence plans to spend UAH 95 billion on modernizing armaments and military equipment by 2024
15 September, 2021
Will the budget for security and defence increase by 52 billion?
On September 15, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine presented the draft State Budget for 2022
7 July, 2021
Ukraine Reform Conference
Vilnius is hosting the 4th International Ukraine Reform Conference. What was on the Ukraine delegation’s agenda?
24 February, 2021
Failure to Implement the Law on Defence Procurement Threatens Ukraine's Movement to NATO
A Joint Statement of the Civil Society
9 December, 2020
Government Defence Integrity Index: Ukraine In High Corruption Risk Zone
Today, on the International Anti-Corruption Day, NAKO is happy to announce that Transparency International launched its Government Defence Integrity Index (GDI) for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
16 June, 2020
The Draft Law on Defence Procurement Approved for Vote in the Parliament
One of the key benefits of the law is that it changes the legislation in defence procurement from Soviet to European on the system leve
30 March, 2020
NAKO to Suggest Solutions to Reduce Corruption Risks in MoD Five Priority Areas
The results of the audits of the Ministry of Defence over the last three years revealed the loss of more than UAH 1 bln and 70% of this sum has not been compensated
25 March, 2020
State Defence Order Remains Classified: NAKO Calls for the Parliament to Adopt the New Defence Procurement Law
NAKO continues its fight for reducing overclassification in procurement
5 December, 2019
Draft Bill on Defence Procurement Voted by Rada in the First Reading
The new defence procurement policy is supposed to promote minimization of corruption risks, raising the level of transparency and increasing fair competition in this sector
19 June, 2019
NAKO 12 Quarterly: Committee Discussed Reforms with NDSC Secretary Danylyuk
20 May, 2019
Volodymyr Zelensky's Answers to NAKO's Questionnaire
Now that Mr. Zelensky Mr. Zelensky has been inaugurated as the President of Ukraine, we have published his commitments in the English language
9 December, 2018
Wasserstrom: Kosovo Authorities and UN Officials Had Planned US$500 mln Kickback on State Procurement
Wasserstrom provided details of investigating corruption schemes in public procurement that involved members of Kosovo government and senior UN representatives
7 December, 2018
Drago Kos: Ukraine Should Avoid Intermediaries in Arms Procurement
NAKO Committee Member shared his anti-corruption experience in Europe, assess the anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine and emplain some reasons for corruption schemes in defence procurement
1 November, 2018
NAKO is Analyzing the Law of Ukraine "On the State Defence Order"
The results of this work will be provided in the brief, along with recommendations on how to improve the Law in order to reduce corruption risks
23 September, 2018
Tregub: To reduce corruption risks in defence, it is necessary to remove military property/equipment from DOZ
According to the UN research, the highest level of corruption is in the conflict areas. Ukraine is one of such countries
13 July, 2018
Poroshenko Promised NAKO to Make Defence Procurement More Transparent
This happened at the NATO summit in Brussels, during the discussion with Petro Poroshenko and President of Georgia Georgy Margvelashvili
9 August, 2017
NAKO: medical kits for Ukrainian military personel will adhere to new, higher standards
The Ukrainian MoD’s Medical Department invited NGOs and volunteer organizations to help develop new technical requirements for individual first-aid kits used at the frontline of military operations
21 March, 2017
NAKO calls for reduced classification of defence information, and transparency on defence procurement and Ukroboronprom
“Secrecy doesn’t secure national interest – in fact, it increases the risk of corruption, which weakens the defence forces and threatens the safety of our state and empowers our enemies,” said Oleh Rybachuk, co-chair of the committee