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14 April, 2023
The Civil Anti-Corruption Council under the Ministry of Defense has begun working
Olena Trehub, Executive Director of NAKO, also became a member of the Council.
13 April, 2023
The Ministry of Defense opens an Office for Support of Changes
Civic activist and political figure Yuliia Marushevska will head this body.
12 April, 2023
The reform of "Ukroboronprom" did not start due to the lack of a government resolution - NAKO.

The Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers confirmed that the resolution on reforming the defence concern has yet to be publicly available.

12 April, 2023
“Veterans vary. Yet the victory will be common.”
On the streets of Ukrainian cities, a series of big boards depicting Ukrainian veterans were erected to thank everyone making Ukraine stronger.
5 April, 2023
The Ministry of Defense will publish the purchase prices in ProZorro system.
Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defense, informed about it during the discussion of the State Anti-Corruption Program implementation.
4 April, 2023
Inequality between women and men in the military is rare
Almost two-thirds of respondents who took a poll by Rating sociological group have a positive attitude towards women in the military service.
30 March, 2023
Calling for the parliament to consider the draft law No. 8061
For more than half a year, the draft law No.8061 has been pending the consideration by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
16 March, 2023
The MoD’s Anti-Corruption Office expanded into a Department
According to Serhii Stepanian, the key goal of the newly created Department is to implement the principle of zero tolerance for corruption.
28 February, 2023
New Report Links Western-Made Components to the Weapons Used in Russia’s Suspected Ukraine War Crimes
The  report  explores multiple suspected war crimes that have been committed by Russian forces since the start of the full-scale invasion, with each of them believed to have been carried out using a weapon or weapons containing western-made components.
21 February, 2023
Personnel changes in the Ministry of Defence

On February 21, the Cabinet of Ministers approved personnel changes in the Ministry of Defense’s leadership

17 February, 2023
Automation of the army: the Ministry of Defense plans to implement a new accounting system
The project on logistics process automation will be implemented using the German SAP ERP system.
15 February, 2023
Partner countries can check the location of any weapons given to Ukraine
Even on the battlefield 
14 February, 2023
​​Lt Gen Oleksandr Pavliuk Appointed The First Deputy Minister of Defence
On February 14, the Cabinet of Ministers approved personnel changes in the Ministry of Defense’s leadership.
7 February, 2023
Verkhovna Rada Voted for More Transparency in Defence Procurement

The amended Law “On Defence Procurement” introduces more transparency to procurement, which is not classified. 

20 January, 2023
In Davos, the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine assured that private property in Ukraine is inviolable.
The only reason martial law provisions were applied to certain companies was the significant risk to national security.
10 January, 2023
Non-governmental organisations call on Ukraine's international partners not to support the reform of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine
Тhe adopted law must comply more with the Venice Commission’s recommendations
27 December, 2022
How Does Ukraine Overcome Sexism and Prejudice Against Women in the Army?
Now there are 5,000 women defenders on the front line who defend our peace together with men.
15 December, 2022
Lacking fair trial and rights protection: NAKO analysed draft law No. 8271
On December 13, 2022, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed draft law No. 8271. It is aimed at increasing penalties for service members in the context of martial law
14 December, 2022
Members of a group that supplied Western technologies to the Russia will be judged in the United States
Jail term could be up to 30 years
13 December, 2022
The Verkhovna Rada liquidates the District Administrative Court of Kyiv
The Kyiv City District Administrative Court will be established in its place
12 December, 2022
What do women in the Ukrainian army lack most?
What issues do women face in the military? And did Ukraine manage to solve at least one of them?
25 November, 2022
Intelligence service named the companies whose microchips are used by Russia in its missiles and drones.
American and European companies continue to manufacture microchips supporting the Russian GLONASS navigation system.
22 November, 2022
The officials and experts discussed reforms of the Ukrainian defence industry and the strategy for victory in the war with Russia in the French Senate.

They discussed Ukraine’s energy, security, and national identity during the conference "What will be the future of Ukraine?" Energy, security, identity".

17 November, 2022
More than 30 Western companies’ components found in Iranian UAVs Shahed-136 - investigators
Russia uses Inan drones to strike civilian infrastructure
3 November, 2022
Ukraine’s State Budget in 2023: more than 18% of GDP for defence and security
On November 3, Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law on the 2023 State Budget.
14 October, 2022
The Cabinet of Ministers created Ukraine's Coordination Center for Security and Defence Forces.
On October 14, the Cabinet of Ministers established the Coordination Center for Security and Defence Forces of Ukraine.
7 October, 2022
The Verkhovna Rada updated the composition of the national security, defence, and intelligence committee.

On October 6, the Verkhovna Rada transferred five MPs to the parliamentary committee on national security, defence, and intelligence.

6 October, 2022
Changes in the composition of the commission for controlling the use of Western weapons

On October 6, a member of parliament from the "Holos" faction, Oleksandra Ustinova, headed a temporary special commission to control the use of weapons provided to Ukraine.

19 July, 2022
The Verkhovna Rada created the commission to control the use of Western weapons.

On July 19, the Verkhovna Rada created a temporary special commission for monitoring the receipt and use of international material and technical assistance during the war.

14 July, 2022
The Presidential Office proposed a mechanism for monitoring the arrival of weapons
Andriy Yermak, Head of the Presidential Office, informed about such an initiative.
20 June, 2022
New Anti-Corruption Strategy: defence corruption issues postponed

Verkhovna Rada approved Anti-Corruption Strategy with 310 votes.

4 April, 2022
Zelenskyi must immediately sign the law on war criminals
It is necessary for prosecuting the Russian military for crimes against humanity
11 February, 2022
Parliament approved a three-year closed defence procurement plan for 2022-24

Parliament approved a consolidated three-year plan for closed defence procurement for 2022-2024. The next step is approval by the Cabinet of Ministers.

9 February, 2022
Military levy to be credited to a special-purpose fund
The military levy, 1.5% of income, paid by Ukrainians since the outbreak of war, is supposed to be used to provide for the needs of the army. 
8 February, 2022
The National Security Committee supported a bill to strengthen democratic civilian control

The bill should strengthen democratic civilian control over the Armed Forces.

26 January, 2022
NAKO participates in anti-corruption training course at the National Defence University
What are the manifestations of corruption in the army?
13 January, 2022
Parliamentary control over military formations has become more effective, said Oleksandr Zavitnevych
NAKO emphasizes that strengthening parliamentary control over military formations will reduce corruption in the defence sector and strengthen the Ukrainian armed forces.
3 January, 2022
70% of defence procurement can be declassified, said Oleksandr Zavitnevych

This January, the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on National Security, Defence and Intelligence plans to finalize a draft law that amends the Law of Ukraine "On State Secrets"

28 December, 2021
Radio sets instead of equipment: NAKO evaluated this year’s state defence order
This year, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) is unable to spend the annual defence budget as planned
10 December, 2021
Ukroboronprom is preparing for liquidation

The government approved transforming Ukroboronprom into a joint-stock company

6 December, 2021
Announcement: Index of integrity in defence governance
How to overcome corruption in the defence sector?
2 December, 2021
The Verkhovna Rada approved the State Budget for 2022

UAH 323 billion is provided for financing the security and defence sector, which is a record figure for Ukraine - 6% of GDP.

8 November, 2021
Named TOP-15 corruption risks in the management of enterprises "Ukroboronprom"
We call on the government and parliament to pay attention to minimizing these risks.
4 November, 2021
Reshuffle in government: What is known about the new ministers?
Oleksiy Reznikov became the new Minister of Defence, the Ministry of Strategic Industries is now headed by Pavlo Ryabikin, Iryna Vereshchuk moved from the Parliament to the Ministry of Reintegration, and Yulia Svyridenko moved from the Office of the President to the Ministry of Economy.
1 November, 2021
SBI investigators handed over the suspicion to the former Deputy Minister of Defenсe
He fed the servicemembers soup with worms - he was suspected of embezzling state funds.
21 October, 2021
U.S. Secretary of Defence visited Ukraine
The United States will continue to do its utmost to support Ukraine, Lloyd Austin promised
6 October, 2021
NAKO and partners are conducting a survey of volunteers

NAKO, StateWatch, and the Defence Procurement Reform Project have prepared a questionnaire for volunteers who buy goods for service members.

2 October, 2021
Volodymyr Zelensky signed the Law on reforming Ukroboronprom
The Law fully launches the reform of State conglomerate Ukroboronprom
27 September, 2021
NACP will monitor Draft Law №5716 on defence housing
NAKO analysed the Draft Law and found that the document does not regulate the defence housing issue.
24 September, 2021
Ministry of Defence owes UAH 5.7 bln to service members
These are the so-called “ATO” payments, bonuses, health benefits, etc
20 September, 2021
The Ministry of Defence plans to secretly spend UAH 95 billion on armaments - NAKO
The Ministry of Defence plans to spend UAH 95 billion on modernizing armaments and military equipment by 2024
15 September, 2021
Will the budget for security and defence increase by 52 billion?
On September 15, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine presented the draft State Budget for 2022
15 April, 2021
Cabinet of Ministers Approved the Strategy of Defence Industry Without Public Discussions
According to the legislation, the development of such documents requires mandatory public consultations. But there were none
21 January, 2021
The Cabinet of Ministers fired Vitaliy Nemilostivy
NAKO supports the responsible attitude and timely response of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine and Oleh Urusky
19 January, 2021
NAKO took part in MoD's corruption risks assessment
Corruption risks assessment is the foundation for a new Anti-Corruption Program of the Ministry of Defence for 2021-2024
24 December, 2020
Draft Law on Reforming State Enterprises in Ukraine's Defense Industry: Does it Correspond to OECD Principles?
The changes need to take place in accordance with the principles of the OECD which are the best standards for corporate governance of state enterprises
9 December, 2020
Government Defence Integrity Index: Ukraine In High Corruption Risk Zone
Today, on the International Anti-Corruption Day, NAKO is happy to announce that Transparency International launched its Government Defence Integrity Index (GDI) for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
3 December, 2020
Yuriy Husiev Appointed a new Director General of Ukroboronprom
On December 3, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky appointed Yuriy Husiev the new Director-General of State Concern Ukroboronprom, thus replacing Ihor Fomenko, the acting Director
29 November, 2020
NAKO's Tregub Will Speak on Civilian Oversight at the IACC
Civilian Oversight as the Corrective for Corruption in the Defence Sector: A dialogue between the UK, Nigeria and Ukraine
28 November, 2020
Budget 2021: More for Security, Less for Defence
Although the total budget will increase, the expenses on defence will somewhat decrease. 
19 November, 2020
Ukroboronprom Informs about the Halt in Reforms
Ukroboronprom informs that the Ministry of Strategic Industries interferes with its business activity and scales down the reform of the military-industrial complex
16 November, 2020
First four months of Minstrategprom: reforms stalled?
It has already been almost four months since a new Ministry for Strategic Industries was set up and it’s high time to draw first observations on the effectiveness of the new agency
9 October, 2020
Announcement. Presentation of the Brief on MOD State-Owned Enterprises
The paper contains the analysis of the problems revealed by NAKO experts in the functioning of the Ministry’s SOEs and clear recommendations on how to change the outdated system of managing the Ministry’s SOEs
6 October, 2020
The New Acting Director General of Ukroboronprom: What Do We Know about Him?
Yesterday, on October 6, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky appointed Ihor Fomenko the new acting Director General of state concern Ukroboronprom after accepting the resignation of Aivaras Abromavicius.
14 September, 2020
Statute for MinStrategProm adopted: some of corruption risks identified by NAKO removed, while others remained
The Statute regulating the functions of the newly created Ministry of Strategic Industries was officially published on the website of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers
19 August, 2020
NAKO identified corruption risks in the draft of the Decree regulating the MinStrategProm
How will the newly created Ministry for Strategic Industries will look like?
16 June, 2020
Statement on Ensuring Transparency of the MIC Reform
A collective address of the civil society on ensuring transparent decision-making as for the planned reform of Ukraine’s military and industrial complex (MIC)
16 June, 2020
The Draft Law on Defence Procurement Approved for Vote in the Parliament
One of the key benefits of the law is that it changes the legislation in defence procurement from Soviet to European on the system leve
17 May, 2020
Top Corruption Cases in Defence: Recent Developments
1 April, 2020
NAKO Calls Attention to Corruption Schemes in Defence Housing. Part 2
How did the Ministry of Defence lose up to 660 apartments in the elite residential building?
1 April, 2020
NAKO Calls Attention to Corruption Schemes in Defence Housing
How did the appartments in the Kyiv outskirts turn out to be better than the ones in the Kyiv centre?
30 March, 2020
NAKO to Suggest Solutions to Reduce Corruption Risks in MoD Five Priority Areas
The results of the audits of the Ministry of Defence over the last three years revealed the loss of more than UAH 1 bln and 70% of this sum has not been compensated
25 March, 2020
State Defence Order Remains Classified: NAKO Calls for the Parliament to Adopt the New Defence Procurement Law
NAKO continues its fight for reducing overclassification in procurement
14 February, 2020
NAKO Launches Project to Reduce Corruption Risks in MoD Priority Areas
NAKO launched the project to develop solutions for reducing corruption risks in the Ministry of Defence activity in 5 priority areas
11 February, 2020
Group to Reform Ukroboronprom Launched at the Defence Committee
The working group will be later divided into two subgroups: one of them will deal with the reform of Ukroboronprom and state defence enterprises, the other one with the State service for export control
5 December, 2019
Draft Bill on Defence Procurement Voted by Rada in the First Reading
The new defence procurement policy is supposed to promote minimization of corruption risks, raising the level of transparency and increasing fair competition in this sector
5 September, 2019
The Auditor for Ukroboronprom Selected
International company Baker Tilly Ukraine won the tender for auditing Ukroboronprom
29 July, 2019
Statement on Transparent Personnel Appointments in the Military Industrial Complex
Common statement of the civil society as for providing transparent personnel appointments in the military industrial complex
22 July, 2019
Cooperation with NAKO Defined by the Ministry of Defence as the Priority in its White Book
Cooperation with NAKO as the civil society organization is one of the priorities and achievements that Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence reported on in its ‘White Book 2018’
27 June, 2019
NAKO calls upon Ukrainian Parliamentary Election Candidates to pledge
NAKO calls upon Ukrainian Parliamentary Election Candidates to pledge
19 June, 2019
NAKO 12 Quarterly: Committee Discussed Reforms with NDSC Secretary Danylyuk
31 May, 2019
Tregub Published Special Report on Ukrainian Activism for Transparency and Accountability
This report reviews the work of Ukrainian activists on advancing transparency and accountability reforms since the Euromaidan protests of 2013–14
27 May, 2019
Press-Conference. What to do with Ukroboronprom? Aims and Directions of Reforms
The participants discussed the aims and directions of reforming the UoP
20 May, 2019
Volodymyr Zelensky's Answers to NAKO's Questionnaire
Now that Mr. Zelensky Mr. Zelensky has been inaugurated as the President of Ukraine, we have published his commitments in the English language
19 April, 2019
Future President of Ukraine should not postpone the fight against corruption within the defence sector
7 March, 2019
NAKO Statement on Bihus Defense Corruption Investigation
Corrupt officials should be brought to justice, Ukroboronprom - audited and reformed
26 February, 2019
How secrecy generates corruption
Olena Tregub, gave comments on Bihus.Info investigation, defense procurements and secrecy
11 February, 2019
NAKO Presented its Questionnaire on Defence Corruption to Presidential Candidates
. In the context of Russian military aggression these questions are of prior importance from the point of view of the key tasks for the would-to-be Commander-in-Chief
4 February, 2019
Nashi Groshi TV Program: Investigation of Ambiguous Schemes in Defence Service Housing
They have revealed that often expensive service housing is given to high officials who often later privatize it
11 December, 2018
Ukroboronprom's $4.5 mln audit tender: bidders revealed
Ukraine’s State Concern ‘Ukroboronprom’ announced a tender for the procurement of services related to strategic development, including strategic consultancy, legal due diligence and corporate governance assessment, and international financial audit
9 December, 2018
Wasserstrom: Kosovo Authorities and UN Officials Had Planned US$500 mln Kickback on State Procurement
Wasserstrom provided details of investigating corruption schemes in public procurement that involved members of Kosovo government and senior UN representatives
7 December, 2018
Drago Kos: Ukraine Should Avoid Intermediaries in Arms Procurement
NAKO Committee Member shared his anti-corruption experience in Europe, assess the anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine and emplain some reasons for corruption schemes in defence procurement
6 December, 2018
Drago Kos: Every War Creates Ideal Conditions for Corruption
Drago Kos shared his international experience in fighting corruption, explained the interrelation between the war and corruption raised the issue of excessive secrecy of defence expenses and procurement
23 November, 2018
The Queue Will Disappear in 600 Years: Why the Servicemen and Women Cannot Get Their Housing?
Ukraine’s national ICTV channel made a story about corruption risks in defence housing based on NAKOs recent research of this issue
23 November, 2018
How to Fight Corruption in Defence and Security Sector?
NAKOs Secretary General Olena Tregub talked to Hromadske Radio to discuss some key questions in defence sector.
23 November, 2018
NAKOs Comment on the Adopted Budget - 2019
On November 23, 2018, Ukraine's Parliament passed the Law on State Budget-2019
6 November, 2018
UoP tender updated to include feedback from bidders
Deadline moved to December 11, 2018
1 November, 2018
NAKO is Analyzing the Law of Ukraine "On the State Defence Order"
The results of this work will be provided in the brief, along with recommendations on how to improve the Law in order to reduce corruption risks
26 October, 2018
NAKO and the Accounting Chamber will Cooperate to Identify Housing Corruption Schemes
Today, NAKO and the Accounting Chamber have started to work together with the aim of identifying corruption schemes and improving the system
25 October, 2018
NAKO Helps to Organize the Corruption Prevention Course
The Course aims at revealing the key problems relating to corruption risks in the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
20 October, 2018
NAKO will Co-Organize the International Anti-Corruption Week IV
NAKO will Co-Organize the International Anti-Corruption Week IV
16 October, 2018
The MoD has built a single house for 70 apartments for the military for two years
Gromadske TV attended the NAKO press conference, where the Committee presented a research of corruption risks and inefficiencies in the defence housing system
16 October, 2018
Ichnya depot incident: Ukraine has left its lessons unlearnt after Balakliya and Kalinovka
A large-scale fire at the ammunition depot near the town of Ichnia, Chernihiv oblast, is the fourth such incident after the conflict began in the eastern Ukraine
2 October, 2018
NAKO 9: Quarterly Meeting Confirms MoD Land as the Next Research Objective
NAKO 9: Quarterly Meeting Confirms MoD Land as the Next Research Objective
23 September, 2018
Tregub: To reduce corruption risks in defence, it is necessary to remove military property/equipment from DOZ
According to the UN research, the highest level of corruption is in the conflict areas. Ukraine is one of such countries
20 August, 2018
NAKO Presents its Brief on Secrecy in the Defence Sector
It describes the current system in Ukraine, with a special focus on defence procurement and contains recommendations based on international best practices.
13 July, 2018
Poroshenko Promised NAKO to Make Defence Procurement More Transparent
This happened at the NATO summit in Brussels, during the discussion with Petro Poroshenko and President of Georgia Georgy Margvelashvili
19 June, 2018
International Audit for Ukroboronprom is an Important Step Towards Reform
19 June 2018 the Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO) announced at the press conference that it is in favour of the revised tender for an independent audit and strategic analysis of Ukroboronprom
23 April, 2018
NAKO Suggests How to Improve the Draft Law on National Security
The Law is aimed at providing a legislative framework for the national security and defence reform and clarifying responsibilities of institutions within the sector
15 February, 2018
NAKO calls for a competitive procedure to select the Director of Ukroboronprom
NAKO calls upon Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman to define the criteria and procedure for the selection of the new Director General of the state-owned defence company Ukroboronprom
26 December, 2017
NAKO withdraws from engagement with UkrOboronProm citing stalled reform efforts
The Government and Presidential Administration to make progress in establishing an independent Supervisory board
14 September, 2017
NAKO is Launching an analytical report on Corruption Risks in the System of Medical Supply
Working proactively - this is the main goal that needs to be implemented both in military medicine and in countering corruption
26 April, 2017
Report corruption in defense sector to NAKO via Xabardocs
Xabardocs is a highly-effective information system of protecting corruption reports from whistleblowers
17 November, 2016
TI Ukraine encourages the government to meet transparency standards in the defense sector
The Ministry of Economic Development responded to Transparency International Ukraine in an open letter on independent auditing by “Ukroboronprom”
25 October, 2016
New committee forms to fight defence sector corruption in Ukraine
Joint national-international committee sets sights on increasing transparency and accountability in country’s most vital sector