News / Gender equality
27 December, 2022
How Does Ukraine Overcome Sexism and Prejudice Against Women in the Army?
Now there are 5,000 women defenders on the front line who defend our peace together with men.
12 December, 2022
What do women in the Ukrainian army lack most?
What issues do women face in the military? And did Ukraine manage to solve at least one of them?
8 December, 2022
"We will go the way of gender equality"
- the Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
1 February, 2022
Reforms in Ukroboronprom, SSU, and Ministry of Defence to be 2022 priorities for G7 Ambassadors
G7 Ambassadors Support Group on Ukraine presented priority areas of cooperation for 2022. 
11 January, 2022
Interview with defence reservist Marta Yuzkiv
She explains how Putin’s partisans inspired her to join the battalion
4 January, 2022
Opportunities increasingly open up for women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, yet obstacles still exist - Tregub
Today, 32 thousand women serve in the Ukrainian army, which is about 16% of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
24 December, 2021
Interview with Ukraines the first military diver
Kateryna Nikitenko was the first female authorized to practice diving
22 December, 2021
NAKO calls upon MPs to support draft laws #5712 and 5714
Today, military service conditions are discriminatory for both men and women.
17 December, 2021
Exclusive interview with gender advisor
Natalia Rybakal-Kalmykova, gender advisor to the Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
10 December, 2021
Interview with Ukrainian female peacekeeper
Why is the number of Ukrainian women participating in peacekeeping missions so small? How hard is the selection process?
22 November, 2021
The first woman enrolled in the Special Operations Forces Q-course

I will never give up no matter what

11 November, 2021
Gender cannot be a criterion for appointment as Minister of Defence
Recently, the leader of the Servant of the People faction, Davyd Arakhamia, stated that Ukrainian society is not ready for the Ministry of Defence to be headed by a woman.
1 November, 2021
SBI investigators handed over the suspicion to the former Deputy Minister of Defenсe
He fed the servicemembers soup with worms - he was suspected of embezzling state funds.
6 October, 2021
NAKO and partners are conducting a survey of volunteers

NAKO, StateWatch, and the Defence Procurement Reform Project have prepared a questionnaire for volunteers who buy goods for service members.

1 October, 2021
Ukrainian servicewomen will receive comfortable bulletproof vests 
Ukrainian women who serve in the security forces can finally get comfortable bulletproof vests
1 October, 2021
NAKO to cooperate with the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The parties signed a document whose long-term goal is to unite efforts in ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men in the Armed Forces
8 September, 2021
The Draft of Gender Equality Strategy Published
The document takes into account NAKO’s recommendations regarding the defence and security sector