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11 July, 2022
A Week of Verkhovna Rada’s Work: One MP Less, Five Unapproved Initiatives and “DNA Database”

Ukrainian Parliament had another Friday session on July 8th. Let’s look at what initiatives they paid attention to during last week.

22 June, 2022
Laws passed by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during the 110 days of the war
In 110 days of the war, Verkhovna Rada approved more than 100 laws. NAKO has prepared a review of its legislation activity and current trends in Parliament's work.
27 September, 2021
Analysis of Draft Law №5716 on defence housing
NAKO analysed the Draft Law and found that the document does not regulate the defence housing issue
12 April, 2021
NAKO’s Analysis of the Draft Strategy of the Defence Industry Development
NAKO has analyzed the last draft of the Strategy of the Defence Industry Development
14 March, 2021
Corruption in the Real Estate Sector of the Ministry of Defence: Risks and Recommendations
Building on that analysis, this report zeroes in on specific corruption-related schemes enabled by shortcomings in the governance of MOD real estate, which should be used to improve the defence housing situation
12 October, 2020
MoD State-Owned Enterprises: How to Overcome Corruption and Inefficiency?
This analytical report attempts to suggest alternative solutions to reform the Ministry’s SOEs
10 September, 2019
Ukroboronprom. Schemes
This paper describes six basic schemes which indicate the possible involvement of unscrupulous high UOP officials
1 September, 2019
Consolidated NAKO Recommendations
A compendium of six, theme-based recommendations which have been developed by NAKO between 2016 and mid-2019
14 September, 2017
Just what the doctor ordered? Corruption Risks in the System of Medical Supply in the Ministry of Defenсe of Ukraine
The medical supply system cannot offer effective procedures of reaction to complaints about unsatisfactory quality