30 January, 2023
NAKO Co-Authored Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Strategy

Since 2017, Ukraine has had no anti-corruption strategy. Anti-corruption strategy has to define the state anti-corruption policy. To change this, the Center for Political and Legal Reforms developed the document which defines 8 key areas where the changes are required by 2024. A separate section of the document includes all NAKO’s recommendations in the defence and security sector. Later on, the Strategy was adopted by the Parliament in the first reading as a draft law. NAKO has partnered with the National Anti-Corruption Agency (NAZK) to advance this. 

For the defence and security sector, the Strategy defines 4 key areas of work and the expected results, namely:

Ineffective use and management of the MoD land, real estate assets of the state Military-Industrial Complex (MIC), war equipment, and uncontrolled fuel consumption. It is recommended:
  • to take an inventory and register all the MoD land;
  • to ensure state registration of the MIC;
  • to create the accounting and monitoring system of fuel consumption;
  • to take an inventory and assessment of the MIC intellectual property items.
Excessive classification and non-competitiveness of defence procurement. It is recommended:
  • to widely apply open procedures in defence procurement;
  • to decrease the unreasoned level of secrecy and create a transparent pricing system;
  • to introduce opportunities for procurement based on the product life cycle cost;
  • to create the electronic register of state contract performers;
  • to ensure coordination with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency.
Lack of effective control over arms and military equipment. It is recommended:
  • to introduce the international requirements and standards in state guaranteeing of the quality of defence goods and services;
  • to establish the state authorized body to ensure state guaranteeing of defence goods and services.
Mismanagement in the MoD housing system. It is recommended:
  • to introduce automation and ensure audit of the existing defence housing queue;
  • to introduce alternative mechanisms to solve the servicemen/women’s housing problems.
Currently, the Anti-Corruption Strategy is getting prepared for the second reading in the parliament. It is expected that the document will be adopted soon. Once it happens, NAZK and the government will develop the action plan to implement it, and NAKO will support this work by providing our expertise.