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Corruption in Ukraine caused a deficit of Giatsint missiles – Tregub

In her interview with Ukrlife TV Olena Tregub explained the specific characteristics and challenges of reforming Ukraine’s defense sector and spoke about fighting corruption in this sphere.

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Appointment of Uruskiy: Tregub pointed at possible corruption risks

Prime Minister Denys Schmygal for the second time submitted to the Parliament the project of the decree appointing Oleh Uruskiy as Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Strategic Industries. Talking to Oboz TV host Vadim Kolodiychuk, Tregub said that the selection and appointment process was far from transparent and too quick to take into […]

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There are questions on corruption and connections with Russia to Uruskiy – Tregub

NAKO’s Executive Director Olena Tregub spoke at 4 Channel about the possible appointment of Oleh Uruskiy as Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister / Minister for Strategic Industries. She stressed that the selection procedure for this position has been non-transparent and non-democratic. She also said that the civil society had some important questions to Uruskiy including the […]

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The Normandy Summit and Steinmeier Formula: Tregub’s Forecast

NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub spoke to Hromadske.International to discuss the following: Potential Normandy summit in Berlin: ‘Apparently the meeting will not take place in May because of the pandemic. But even if not for the pandemic, it looks like this meeting would not have taken place anyway. Because indeed there was not much progress […]

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To steal from the army: Who makes a fortune from armor?

729 mln UAH of damages for Ukraine for the last 6 years. It’s an approximate calculation of TV program Hroshi and its journalist Olexander Kryzhanivsky. His recent program investigates the armor corruption scandals within the defence sector. Ukraine buys armor for armored vehicles abroad, in Finland and Sweden. Contractors of the Special Defence Order purchase […]

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Comedian expected to crush incumbent in Ukraine’s presidential election

Sabra Ayres for Los Angeles Times, 19 April 2019 Faced with the strong possibility of being trounced by a comedian with no political experience, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has started throwing Hail Marys. In the week leading up to this Sunday’s election, the 53-year-old president awkwardly performed a folk song on stage. He promised young […]

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Ukroboronprom needs an international audit

NAKO’s Analyst, Taras Yemchura, gave an interview on Ukroboronprom (UOP) and its liquidation. He stressed that firstly UOP needs an independant, international audit, only after that the discussion on whether UOP should or should not be liquidated is possible.

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UOP’s Supervisory Board needs to be independent and professional

Taras Yemchura, NAKO’s Analyst, gave comments on Bihus.Info investigation to Channel 4. He noted the risks of SmartTender defense procurements and the role secrecy plays in corruption. He also said that the Supervisory Board of UOP should be selected on the basis of professionalism and skills in an independent and transparent way, and should not appointed […]

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NAKO’s Head of Policy, Lada Roslycky, together with French independent journalist Sébastien Gobert and the journalist Lesya Ivanova joined The Sunday Show by Hromadske International. They discussed the investigtion of Hladkovskyi’s corruption scheme within defence sector and how it may affect the upcoming presidential elections.

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How secrecy generates corruption

NAKO’s Secretary General, Olena Tregub, gave comments on Bihus.Info investigation, defense procurements and secrecy. She stressed, that the procurement system within Ukroboronprom is very vulnerable to corruption, while the lack of transparency generates corruption. The video can be found here

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