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11 November, 2022
India should stop trading with Russia today - Olena Tregub
India should stop trading with russia and buy its resources. In this way, India will join other democracies and help force Russia to make peace. The Executive Director of NAKO, Olena Tregub, enounced this live on the Indian TV channel NDTV. 

“I think that the West is united. Democratic states of the world except India stand with Ukraine. I am sure India should stop trading with russia and with russian resources to help de-occupy ukrainians territories and have a peace treaty”, she said.

“You cannot trade with Ukrainian lands and the lives of Ukrainian people. Ukrainian people will stand for their Motherland. Right now the voice of India is very important if you don't want escalation and if you don't want distrable nuclear threats to be realized anyways. This is the time. Not to wait for Januar but to change your policy today”, Olena Tregub emphasized.