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10 November, 2022
Support for Ukraine is a preventing signal for authoritarian countries - Olena Tregub
South Korea should demonstrate clear support for Ukraine. After all, if the support of the civilized world for Ukraine is insufficient, if the international pressure on Russia is weakened, this may be a signal for authoritarian states.

This opinion was expressed by the executive director of NAKO, Olena Tregub, to the South Korean publication CN News.

"South Korea once fought communism. Today, Ukraine opposes Russia and has become the "European Korea". If the international community does not help Ukraine, authoritarian states such as China will believe that they can also attack others and will not be punished for it. Therefore, it is necessary to support Ukraine for the sake of security in the whole world," Olena Tregub explained.

South Korea helps Ukraine, but not as much as it could. So, Korea is cautious about supplying Ukraine with the weapons. But we say not only about that. "Due to the tough position of the South Korean government, it is difficult to get, for example, walkie-talkies from it. We would also be grateful if we received generators from Korea, because Russia destroys Ukrainian power plants with missile strikes," the executive director of NAKO said in an interview.