Strategic vision

Our aim is to reduce the opportunities for corruption in the Ukrainian defence sector in a number of high-risk areas. NAKO produces credible, well-researched and timely evidence and recommendations, and advocate for their implementation. NAKO aims to promote effective legislation, policy and guidance that changes behaviours within the defence  institutions. While working with and supporting the Ministry of Defence, armed forces, defence industry and major anti-corruption bodies, we remain dedicated to maintaining our independence and credibility; remaining free from influence and publicly trusted is core to NAKO’s purpose.

Our vision is a Ukrainian defence and security sector that is effective, accountable and far less susceptible to corruption.

Our mission is to reduce opportunities for corruption through strong research, effective advocacy for reform, and increased public awareness, in order to strengthen the Ukrainian defence and security sector’s ability to face challenges to the country’s sovereignty and democratic institutions.

NAKO Strategic Objectives in 2019 – 2022 

  1. Reducing corruption risks in defence spending and promoting good governance of the defence sector institutions
  2. Increasing accountability and transparency of Ukraine’s defence industry
  3. Strengthening civil democratic control over the defence sector and reducing over-classification
  4. Developing our Organization.

Here you can download the following NAKO’s documents:

Mandate || Terms of Reference || Strategy 2017-2018

Strategy 2019-2020 is available here: