NAKO Committee

Oleh Rybachuk
Member of Committee

Chairman of the NGO Centre UA, Co-initiator of Chesno Campaign, Former Vice Prime Minister for European Integration, Former Chief of Staff to the president, Former Head of the Prime Minister’s Service at the Cabinet of Ministers Secretariat

Yulia Marushevska
Member of Committee

A Ukrainian activist and former public servant, Marushevska is well known internationally after starring in the viral YouTube video “I am a Ukrainian”. In 2015 she was a visiting scholar at Stanford University working closely with Larry Diamond, Francis Fukuyama and former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. In October 2015 she was named to head the Customs Office of Odesa, a notoriously corrupt port on the Black Sea. After implementation of an effective anti-corruption policies on the ground she had to resign because of lack of a high-level political will in support of the necessary reforms. After resigning she joined the Executive program in Global public policies in New York University and University College London.

Drago Kos
Member of Committee

Current Chair of the OECD Working Group on Bribery, Former Chair of GRECO, Former Anti-Corruption Commissioner in Slovenia

Lt Gen (ret.) Michel Yakovleff
Member of Committee

Former Vice Chief of Staff at NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Deputy Chief of Staff and later Chief of Staff Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum, Yakovleff has served in France, Germany, Djibouti, and the Balkans, mostly with the French Foreign Legion

James Wasserstrom
Co-Chair of Committee

Former Head of Oversight of Public Utilities at the UN Mission in Kosovo, Former Senior Advisor on Anti-Corruption at the US Embassy in Kabul, Former Strategy advisor and lead anti-corruption at the Special Inspector General for Afghasnistan Reconstruction