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21 December, 2022
Biden task force investigating how US tech ends up in Iranian attack drones used against Ukraine
The of US President Joe Biden has launched an expansive task force to investigate how US and western components, including American-made microelectronics, are ending up in Iranian-made drones russia is launching by the hundreds into Ukraine. Agencies across Washington are involved in the task force, including the departments of Defense, State, Justice, Commerce and Treasury. "European Truth" writes about this with reference to CNN.
The effort is being overseen by the White House National Security Council as part of an even bigger, “holistic approach” to dealing with Iran, a senior administration official said, from its crackdown on protesters and its nuclear program to its deepening role in the war in Ukraine.
The US has imposed severe export restrictions to prevent Iran from having access to advanced technology, but Tehran has been able to circumvent current sanction regimes and has added more capabilities and resiliency to its weapons.
The expansive task force should, among other things, contact all American manufacturers whose products were found in the Iranian drones that were shot down in Ukraine. The group will also coordinate actions with colleagues from other countries.
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