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10 November, 2022
Any cutbacks to U.S. military aid to Kyiv could deal an existential blow to Ukraine - Olena Tregub
Next month’s midterm elections in the USA have raised concerns about how the election could impact U.S. support for Ukraine as the war against russia grinds into the winter. 

Republicans can retake control of the House of Representatives. “Although there has been strong bipartisan support for Kyiv since the war began among mainstream Republicans, former U.S. President Donald Trump-aligned members as well as influential commentators on Fox News and others have begun to question the degree of military aid provided by Washington”, the Foreign Policy writes

So, a recent Morning Consult poll found only 32% of Republicans believe that the  USA has a responsibility to protect and defend Ukraine from Russia, compared to 58% of Democrats. 

In a commentary to the Foreign Policy  Olena Tregub said that any cutbacks to United States military aid to Ukraine could deal an existential blow to this state. People in Ukraine do believe that support for Ukraine is a bipartisan issue, NAKO Executive Director said. 

“Yet, of course, here in Ukraine, there is a strong reaction some statements of Donald Trump or Tucker Carlson. These are really shocking statements for Ukrainians, and they are confused as to how Russian propaganda has penetrated the American Republican Party to such an extent”, she commented.

As is known, Tucker Carlson is one of highly influential Fox News anchors.  Since the day Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, Carlson has portrayed the war as a failure of the Biden administration and at times, has echoed Russian talking points about the war.