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21 November, 2018
NAKO Secretary-General: the MoD Budget Has Increased but Not the Ability to Use It Efficiently
NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub discussed Ukraine’s defence budget with UA: Pershyy (The First Channel).

She explained that although it has increased fourfold compared to the pre-Maidan times, the ability to effectively use these funds has not improved. In her opinion, the Ministry of Defence is still using partly pre-Maidan partly Soviet approaches to defence procurement. Those Soviet approaches include, for example, the State Defence Order: 90 per cent of the SDO is classified. NAKO recommends to increase transparency of the defence procurement: if the issue of national security is not involved, the procurement should not be classified. If this rule is applied, it will be possible to monitor the procurement processes. For example, now NAKO as an NGO doesn’t have access to contracts which belong to the State secret so we cannot know what is happening there.

Watch the interview in Ukrainian: