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18 December, 2021
The 600-year housing queue for 46,000 service members: how can the Integrity Index fix it
46,000 service members are waiting in the housing queue. NAKO experts have drawn up a formula after preparing the research “Poor Governance in the Ukrainian Defence Housing System.” The formula is based on the current pace and capabilities of the government.
We assessed the pace of the housing queue and the situation with ATO/JFO participants enjoying their right to housing, etc. We found that it would take around 600 years to provide housing to all individuals currently in the queue. “Of course, the service members realize they will not get any housing for as long as they live,” comments Olena Tregub, NAKO Executive Director. 
“The legislation supports corruption and does not help meet the social needs of the military.  The question is open before the Ukrainian Parliament. It should find a way for how service members could be offered money or the Ministry of Defence’s lands rather than ready housing, so that they could build the housing for themselves. For now, it is just an idea, though. Finance and resource management is still unsettled. We suggest instruments but all of them require a strong political will. All ministers considered the instruments but none of them was really ready to implement the suggested tools, only pilot projects were launched,” says Ms. Tregub.
Experts recommended looking for alternative solutions, as it is obvious that the current amount of defence housing is not enough to close the queue.

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