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22 July, 2019
Cooperation with NAKO Defined by the Ministry of Defence as the Priority in its White Book
Cooperation with NAKO as the civil society organization is one of the priorities and achievements that Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence reported on in its ‘White Book 2018’. There are several areas of cooperation:
  • NAKO’s research activity, namely the research on corruption risks in defence housing,
  • Implementation of NAKOs recommendations related to corruption risks in defence procurement,
  • Reforming the State Secret,
  • Publication of NAKOs research on corruption risks in managing the land and real estate of the Ministry of Defence,
  • Publication of the renewed Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index.
NAKO is ready to further cooperate with the Ministry of Defence to promote transparency and accountability as well as reducing corruption in defence sector. ‘White Book 2018. Ukrainian Defence Force’ is an annual issue on reforming the Defence Forces. It highlights the progress to date in Ukrainian Defence Force and the key directions for future development.