6 December 2018

On December 5, 2018, the International Summit ‘The Collective Measures of the Private Sector to Fight Corruption’ took place in Kyiv. The event gathered the well-known experts from Europe, Asia, Africa, the US and Ukraine.

NAKO Committee Member Drago Kos delivered the main speech. He provided his assessment of corruption in Ukraine and suggested some precise recommendations which could be followed to improve the situation.

His narrative thread was continued by NAKO Co-Chair James Wasserstrom. While discussing corruption in the conflict zones, Wasserstrom said that “the international community can exert pressure and impose conditionality to counter corrupt interest and individuals in those countries”.

The key message of the panel was that active citizens in the countries with the conflict areas, repressive regimes or those undergoing post-conflict reconstruction are practically not able to achieve changes single-handedly. Thus, business environments need to unite in strong alliances to fight systemic corruption. Collective actions are of prior importance here.

The summit was organized by te Center for International Private Enterprise Ukraine.