26 February 2020

On February 25, 2020, the ‘Reforms Forum: On the Road to Vilnius’ was organized in Kyiv by the Reanimation Package of Reforms and supported by selected Ukrainian and international partners. The panel on defence and security highlighted the reforms in the sector, namely the defense procurement and implementation of NATO standards.

Deputy Head of Defence Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Mariana Bezugla, Deputy Minister of Defence Alina Frolova, and Deputy Minister of Economy Svitlana Panaiotidi offered their insights into the current issues. Civil society was represented by NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub and expert of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Ihor Koziy.

MP Maryana Bezugla spoke on the laws and draft laws supported by the Defence Committee since the beginning of the new Parliament’s work and how they focus on Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration. She said that the priorities of the Committee were to implement the Law on National Security and  to pass the draft law on defence procurement which was developed with NAKO’s involvement. Deputy Minister of Defence Alinа Frolova explained the planned reform of defence procurement: ‘The task is to make the system clear and as transparent as possible, to move away from the State Defence Order and to do the planning of the defence industry development transparent and competitive’.

Deputy Minister of Economy Svitlana Panaiotidi said that for the first time in its history Ukraine is overviewing the military and industrial complex, both the state and private enterprises. ‘We need to understand what we have, and what we can do with this. We can not develop the industry if there is no understanding what our Armed Forces need in times of war’, she said.

Olena Tregub spoke about the key areas of NAKO’s work aimed at increasing transparency and accountability in Ukraine’s defence and security sector: ‘Our priorities now are the reform of the Law on State Secret which was adopted 26 years ago and implementation of the Law on National Security’.