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19 June, 2019
Civil Society Calls for Decision-Makers to Reform the SDO
 On 19 June, 2019, NAKO in cooperation with the other representatives of the civil society presented the Declaration where the signatories called for state government bodies to urgently and efficiently reform the State Defence Order (SDO) and declared their intention to promote the implementation of the reform. As a result of this reform, the SDO process has to become more transparent, accountable and competitive.

NAKO Committee Members gave the Declaration to Secretary to Ukraine’s National Defence and Security Council Olexander Danylyuk himself. The document has been already signed by representatives of  9 civil society organizations and it remains open for signing. Now Ukraine’s SDO is approximately 95 per cent classified. Thus, the signatories of the Declaration call for the government to implement and declare their intention to promote implementation of the following steps:
  1. Increasing the level of transparency of the SDO;
  2. Implementing market-based approach to pricing of military goods, works and services during classified competitive procedures;
  3. Introducing equal access to the state defence order by producers of military goods, works and services.
The signatories include the respected civil society organizations with the expertise in defence and anti-corruption, selected associations of defence producers and the US-Ukraine Business Council. The full text of the Declaration with the list of signatories is available here.