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11 October, 2022
Ignoring Russian terrorist acts by the world increases the risk of nuclear strikes - Olena Tregub
On 10 October 2022, russia launched a large number of missile attacks across Ukraine. 

The missile strike is an act of terrorism, so if the world ignores such actions, it will only encourage the aggressor country to take more serious steps. NAKO Executive Director Olena Tregub is convinced of this.
The plan of russia is to destroy our electricity, fuel facilities so that Ukraine has no electricity and heating. Rusia do it to scare ukrainian civilian population for breaking the resistance of ukranians.


"Members of the United Nations and the Nuclear club, which includes India, must take proactive measures to punish Russia for such terrorist acts," she said on the air of the Indian TV-channel WION.

The executive director of NACO urged India not to ignore the current escalation so that this does not happen. According to her, this is important because russia should see the appropriate reaction of the world, and not only NATO and Western countries. This should warn Russia against the use of nuclear weapons.