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21 January, 2021
The Cabinet of Ministers fired Vitaliy Nemilostivy
The Cabinet of Ministers fired Vitaliy Nemilostivy, Deputy Minister for Strategic Industries.
NAKO supports the responsible attitude and timely response of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine and Oleh Urusky to the blatant facts of unethical and illegal behavior of Mr. Nemilostivy.
Last summer, NAKO together with StateWatch analyzed candidates for the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Strategic Industries for corruption and reputational risks.  Even then, we warned about the presence of a number of risks regarding the candidacy of Vitaly Nemilostivy, as reported in a joint letter to the Office of the President of Ukraine. NAKO believes that it is extremely important for the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, especially during the war, to have really responsible professionals with an impeccable reputation in key positions. As a public oversight body for the defence sector, we reiterate the need to verify the integrity of all candidates for management positions. 
We believe that it is possible to minimize reputational threats and risks of dishonesty, in particular with the active involvement of civil society in this process.