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9 November, 2021
National leadership lacks consistency in the development of defence technologies

Ukraine is covering the immediate needs of its Armed Forces by procuring foreign attack UAVs. Although, we shouldn’t forget about the development of national technologies as Ukraine does have a range of specialised companies. According to NAKO Communications and Advocacy Officer Andrii Muravskyi, “the Ministry of Defence together with the national leadership fails to demonstrate any consistent steps on the matter.”

This topic was raised in his column for “Ekonomichna Pravda”. In one of the examples, Andrii Muravskyi mentions the State Enterprise “Antonov”, which has developed an attack UAV subject to a respective request from the Ministry of Defence. Unfortunately, following the flights of the pilot model and approval of the MoD Commission, no funds were allocated to support the further design and development works.

Andrii Muravskyi mentions that “Both public and privately-owned companies should receive some sort of guidance from the MoD in order avoid designing those products that would not be adopted further on as the state is rather willing to procure the readily available weapons and equipment from abroad. There is a crucial gap in transparency and mutual understanding between the state and national producers”.

Baykar Machine intends to establish the joint production of UAVs in Ukraine. “Not too many details on that. Society should be aware of the position of Ukrainian authorities on the matter and national producers should recognize their role in the development of this attack UAVs”, says Andrii Muravskyi.

Should the authorities continue and take decisions in the absence of a dialogue with national producers and the society, even those agreements for the best of the Ukrainian defence industry shall be regarded and suspicious and biased.