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9 December, 2018
NAKO presented at the International Anti-Corruption Conference
The Ministry of Defence organized an international anti-corruption conference on 26 - 28 November at the National Defence Academy. NAKO partnered with the Ministry to design the program. NAKO members also presented during the conference on topics ranging from the impact of corruption on the perception of Ukraine which was presented by Committee member Volodomyry Ohryzko and, the role of NAKO as a civic defence oversight body.

Volodymyr Ohryzko, NAKO Co-Chair: “Corruption during the war is the crime against the country. Only talks on corruption are not enough. One needs to fight with particular actions”.
Olena Tregub, NAKO Secretary General: ‘In terms of legislation, NGOs are a part of Ukraine’s defence and security sector. The role of civil organizations should be enforced, it will prove that the country moves towards democracy and the EU’.

NAKO experts also presented findings on corruption risks existing within Ukraine’s current state defence order system (Taras Yemchura) and corruption schemes within Ukraine’s defence real estate sector (Dr. Lada Roslycky). The three-day event successfully brought together both national and international anti-corruption experts to share lessons learned and discuss ways forward. First Deputy Minister of Defence Ivan Rusnak assured that Ukraine continues its fight with corruption despite difficult times, as defined by the defence reform.

Meanwhile, Head of NATO’s office in Ukraine Alexander Vinnikov highlighted that the Building Integrity in the Defence and Security Sector Program remains the key priority in cooperation between NATO and the National Defence Academy. NAKO continues to support the National Defence Academy it its anti-Corruption training efforts within the framework of its partnership with the Building Integrity Training and Education Center. Its next international anti-corruption conference is currently being planned for 5 - 7 February, 2019.