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7 July, 2021
Ukraine Reform Conference

Vilnius is hosting the 4th International Ukraine Reform Conference. What was on the Ukraine delegation’s agenda?

Over 50 experts with the Reanimation Package of Reforms have been monitoring vital reforms in Ukraine prior to the event. NAKO joined in assessing the National Security and Defence Sector.

Reforms in the Security and Defence Sector by the authorities are currently assessed at a level of 17%.

Some of the key monitoring outcomes:

  • The Law on Defence Procurement was adopted, although it was not implemented in a timely manner. The subordinate legislation drafted by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Strategic Industries has many flaws, while the Electronic Register is still not in place.
  • The Draft Law on Reform in the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has been developed. It is still under consideration by the Verkhovna Rada Committee and could be adopted sometime in June 2021. The text of the law requires a significant amount of additional work.
  • Reform of the State Concern UkrOboronProm has been partially implemented. The respective draft law has been developed and is currently finalized for the second reading. The Verkhovna Rada Committee has considered all recommendations for amendments and the full text of the draft law has been published before the second reading.
  • The Law on Intelligence was adopted, which provides for further reforms within the intelligence community, including the introduction of democratic civilian control.
  • There is no progress around the Law on the Protection of Classified Information to comply with the Euro-Atlantic principles of transparency and public access of information. In December 2020, the SSU approved a new Code of Information Constituting a State Secret, which provides for additional details and introduces the categories of information constituting a state secret. It also provides that any information around contracts to supply (repair) weapons and military equipment (under the State Defence Order) could only be classified in case of martial law or during a special period.
  • Work continues on the new Draft Law “On the Security of Classified Information” to replace the Law “On State Security.” The current version of the draft law does not provide for a balance between transparency and information classification nor does it guarantee proper accountability and prevention of corruption in the area of attribution of records to the category of information with limited access.

Reforms can only be effective when there is cooperation between all branches of power. Adopting a law without its practical implementation cannot be considered quality reform. NAKO joins the global leaders who called upon the authorities to continue the reform process and recommends facilitating development of new laws in the National Security sphere as well as ensuring quality implementation of those adopted.