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19 June, 2019
Major Issues of Corruption in Ukraine’s Defence Discussed with NATO/EU Defence Attachés
On 4 June, 2019, NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub delivered a presentation on NAKO’s approach to fight Ukraine’s defence sector corruption in front of the NATO/EU defence attachés. Her guest speech was a part of the semi-annual event organized by the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine. Tregub gave an overview of the key corruption issues within Ukraine’s defence sector, including overclassification in procurement and lack of transparency at Ukroboronprom. She also talked about NAKO’s recommendations to increase the overall level of transparency and accountability in Ukraine’s defence sector. The presentation was followed by a lively discussions as a number of attachés raised questions pertaining to different aspects of corruption in defence. NAKO expresses its gratitude to the NLO in Ukraine for inviting NAKO as the civil society organization to talk about corruption in defence. As a follow-up to this event, NAKO welcomed over 20 defence attachés from NATO, EU and some other selected countries in its office for the meeting with the Committee members and the presentation about the most wide-spread corruption schemes at Ukroboronprom. NAKO member General Leitentenant (Rt) Michel Yakovleff spoke about the relation between Ukraine’s NATO aspirations and anti-corruption reforms in defence sector.