29 April 2019

Three new colleagues have recently joined NAKOs team: Serhiy Moskaliuk, Olesia Remizova and Viktoriia Vyshnivska.

Sergiy Moskaliuk has worked at NAKO as a Senior Researcher. His background and experience include, just to name a few, military and diplomatic serviсe. Sergiy graduated from the Kyiv Military Institute for Communications and Management and the Military Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine. He also studied and worked abroad, for example, in the US, former Yugoslavia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Sergiy knows several foreign languages. In NAKO he is working on the projects of increasing transparency of Ukraine’s defence and security sector.

Olesia Remizova works at NAKO as a Programme Assistant and helps with the organization’s operational activity. She holds a Master of Laws from the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University and a specialist degree in international information from the Kyiv Institute of International Relations. Now Olesia is also working on her Ph.D thesis at the Shevchenko University.

Viktoria has joined NAKO as a Project Intern. She is finishing her study of Political Science at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. Viktoria has already volunteered and done her internship at several organizations and projects, including the Eidos Center of Political Studies and Analytics, the Ministry of Health and UNCHR Ukraine. Viktoria knows Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.

We wish our new colleagues success and inspiration in NAKOs team!