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8 December, 2022
We will go the way of gender equality
Today, only two women serve on the ships of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. But in the future, their number will increase. Commander of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Oleksiy Neizhpapa told about this in an interview with "Suspilny".
"In the Marine Corps, as in the Army, women are next to men, starting from platoon commander, division commander or sniper. As for the ship's crew, now we have two women on the ship," he said. And he added that at the Institute of Naval Forces, girls are studying naval specialties, who will soon be able to serve in the navy. "The "Ivan Mazepa" corvette will accommodate 17 female servicemen of all categories: officers, foremen and sailors. This is already included in the ship's project. We will follow the way of gender equality", - emphasized the commander of the Navy.
"In the future, I have said and will continue to say that we should not be guided by the traditions of the Soviet fleet, but nevertheless switch to the traditions and standards of our partners. We will insist that women serve alongside men on ships. I have a dream that the time would come when, for example, the commander of an "Island" type boat would be a woman. And it could be in the near future," he said.
Photo - from the "Suspilny" website