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31 January, 2020
Security and Defence Discussed at the Meeting with Secretary Pompeo
On Friday, 31 January, NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub partook in the meeting of US State Secretary Mike Pompeo with Ukrainian civil society activists. The other participants included executive director of Transparency International Ukraine Andriy Borovyk, President of American Chamber of Commerce Andy Hunder, and journalist and activist Emine Dzhaparova.

The following topics were discussed: reforms and anti-corruption, business and investment, the issue of the annexed Crimea. Among other things, the participants discussed the promising developments within Ukraine's defense and security sector in detail: the new bill on defense procurement, the upcoming bill on state secrecy, the audit and corporatization of Ukroboronprom — all NAKO’s current lines of work.

Olena Tregub mentioned the delay of the SSU reform (inc. Directorate K) in accordance with the Euro-Atlantic standards and the new Law on National Security adopted in summer 2018. NAKO Secretary General stressed that US assistance and its reform conditionalities has always worked well in helping to push for reforms, especially with civil society doing their part. “The USA support for Kyiv is crucial in Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression, but also in Ukraine’s fight against corruption. The USA has always supported anti-corruption reformers in the government and in the civil society. I am glad that Secretary Pompeo reassured us that this is the case today and he praised the work activists, in particular those at NAKO, Transparency International Defence and Security and Transparency International Ukraine", she said.

Tregub stressed that Ukraine is in a way a global lab for anti-corruption solutions, which we can share with the world. She hopes that these solutions will eventually help us see a concrete result — a dramatic decline of corruption in the near future.