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19 June, 2018
NAKO 8: Quarterly Meeting Sets New Research & Advocacy Objectives in Defence & Security Sector
17-19 June in Kyiv NAKO's 8th Quarterly took place. The Committee's anti-corruption and advocacy work promoting effective reform within Ukraine's defence sector were the key topics of discussion. NAKO considered proposals for the Draft Law on National Security and Secrecy. 

NAKO members strategized to deepen dialogue with Ukroboronprom on matters pertaining to the independent international audit. The publication of a new research document on Defence Housing issues was approved by the committee and will be made public soon. Corruption risks within the Ministry of Defence system of assets management, including land, has been confirmed as the next research project. 

The “Procurement Toolkit” was presented in support of a new methodology for assessing defence procurement corruption risks. Multiple meetings took place within the framework of the Committee’s quarterly assembly. NAKO members met with Dutch Ambassador Ed Hoeks, Canadian Ambassador Roman Waschuk, Defence and Security experts from the Embassy of the United Kingdom and the EU Delegation. Matters of urgency within Ukraine’s Defence and Security sector, as well as possible avenues of cooperation were considered. Legislative initiatives to halt illegal trade with the occupied territories were discussed with Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Valeriy Kondratiuk. A meeting was also held with the Vice Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Oksana Syroid. Approaches to increase transparency of the defence budget and legislative initiatives to amend the State Defence Order were considered.

NAKO also held a meeting with the Supervisory Board and management of Ukroboronprom to discuss further steps on the ongoing procurement of the international audit and consultancy services. The role of parliamentary oversight over the defence and security sector, as well as various corruption risks and concerns, were discussed in a traditional working breakfast with selected Parliamentarians.