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29 November, 2021
NAKO: Ministry for Strategic Industries fills register of arms manufacturers by only 23%

As of the end of November 2021, the new Register of Participants in the Selection and Executors of State Defence Contracts contains information on only 62 companies. Among them are such well-known companies as PJSC Motor Sich, Pivdenmash, LLC Nibulon, and others.

This was reported by NAKO with reference to the web portal of the Ministry of Strategic Industries.

The old Register of Manufacturers of Defence Products, Works and Services contains information on 269 companies. This register should be abolished as soon as the new register is fully operational in accordance with the Law on Defence Procurement.

Thus, the new Register of selection participants and executors of state defence contracts is only 23% filled.

NAKO emphasizes that the new register still does not include such well-known state-owned companies as the tank building plant V.O Malyshev Plant, the manufacturer of aircraft SE Antonov, and the manufacturer of combat missile systems design bureau Luch.

NAKO warns that the slow filling of the register of arms manufacturers threatens to delay the introduction of defence procurement reform again.

“Without a complete register, the Ministry of Defence and other arms customers will not be able to sign new contracts for the supply of military goods from the Ukrainian manufacturer next year,” NAKO said.

In order to avoid postponing the Law on Defence Procurement indefinitely, the full implementation of which has already been postponed to 2022, NAKO recommends the Ministry for Strategic Industries:

  1. Launch the Register of participants in the selection and executors of state defence contracts in accordance with the legal requirements for information protection. After all, documents have recently been published in the media proving that the register is still not ready.
  2. Review the procedure for processing applications for inclusion in the Register of Producers to automate and speed up this process.

Earlier, NAKO reported that as of October 2021, the Ministry for Strategic Industries had fulfilled the defence industry modernization program by only 9%.