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21 June, 2018
International partners of Ukraine are disappointed by delaying the SSU reform – NAKO
21 June, 2018 the Law on National Security of Ukraine passed through the Parliament. It was approved by 248 deputies. It has to launch the number of structural changes in the security area, including the Security Service of Ukraine.

“It’s a positive step that it passed at least now, in 2018”, NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub said in the interview for Hromadske TV. “If the law hadn’t passed, it would have been a negative scenario for Ukraine”. However, international partners of Ukraine are disappointed by delaying the reform of the Security Service of Ukraine - Tregub claimed. She explained that “the SSU reform has been blocked over recent years. More than a year ago our international partners submitted the reform, so now it’s in the President’s office and doesn’t move anywhere further.” She also recalled that international partners are concerned that Western businesses cannot develop properly in Ukraine. Tregub stressed that “ Ukraine's partners worry because of attacks by “General Directorate “K”. It’s really important for them.”

General Directorate “K” is one of the biggest SSU units with quite a notorious reputation. It has been involved for many years in scandals about ‘protection racketeering’ of different corruption schemes, especially at the customs and not only. “Several thousand people work at “General Directorate “K”, but this number is very approximate as this information is top-secret”, NAKO Secretary General said. She explained that in war-time the SSU should deal with counterintelligence as well as state secrets protection.

Tregub continued by saying that “the fact that the SSU deals with economic crimes only diverts attention from protecting national security of Ukraine as well as disturbs confidence in SSU”. NAKO together with the civil society demanded to introduce changes to the law already now – to take away from the Security Service the functions of investigating financial crimes, corruption and fighting against organized crimes.  Still, the reform is stagnating. In March 2017 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko advertised the reform of the Security Service of Ukraine in accordance with NATO standards. However, NAKO together with some other national and international experts think that the Law on National Security of Ukraine could have been much more progressive.