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21 October, 2021
NAKO delivered 2,000 posters to the Ministry of Defence

”Report Corruption” - NAKO delivered to the Ministry of Defence 2,000 posters with such a call and detailed information on how to do it. The transfer took place in cooperation with the Ministry’s Office for the Prevention and Detection of Corruption.

The posters have a QR code, that when scanned lets you report corruption in the Armed Forces on a special secure channel created by the Ministry of Defence. There are also hotlines, e-mail, and postal addresses for anonymous messages. There is also information about whistleblowing and what rights and guarantees a whistleblower has under the law.

Thanks to these posters, servicemembers throughout Ukraine will know how to report corruption in the army if they encounter it.

“We will distribute posters in military units, structural subdivisions of the ministry, commands of the Armed Forces, and military authorities. They will also go to state-owned enterprises in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to military higher educational institutions,” said Colonel of Justice Viktor Osadchuk, Deputy Head of the Department for Prevention and Detection of Corruption and Head of the Department for Interaction with Whistleblowers and Communications.

 NAKO delivered the posters as part of its  communication support to the Ministry of Defence for implementing the Anti-Corruption Program of the Ministry of Defence for 2021-2024, which our organization was actively involved in developing. In particular, the program provides for distributing information memos on the legal status of whistleblowers and operating internal message channels.