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14 September, 2017
NAKO is Launching an analytical report on Corruption Risks in the System of Medical Supply

Working proactively - this is the main goal that needs to be implemented both in military medicine and in countering corruption. All the experts who participated in the panel discussion organized by the Independent Anti-Corruption Defense Committee (#NAKO) - a joint initiative of Transparency International Ukraine and the Transparency International Defense & Security Program - agreed with this thesis. And although the opinions of specialists did not match in many aspects, and the tension of discussion did not fall for 2 hours, experts have a common vision of the final goal.
They believe that everything needs to be done to preserve the life and health of as many Ukrainian military officers as possible, fighting in the forefront. For this purpose, military medicine should be preventive. This means that the military must be provided with all the necessary medical equipment in advance and be able to use it at a critical time. The representative of OOO "Kievguma" (one of the manufacturers of medical products) demonstrated the latest in the first-aid kit, which has already been formed according to new standards, to the journalists at the event. We hope that Ukrainian soldiers who fight in the Donbass will receive these first-aid kits soon. Transparency International Ukraine’s analysts also presented a report on the prevention of corruption in medical supplies in the defense sphere. It contains recommendations for the prevention of corruption risks.
Unfortunately, the representative of the relevant department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine canceled his participation just before the start of the event. We hope that the ministry will take recommendations on the prevention of corruption risks in the defense sector into account. NAKO is always ready for cooperation and constructive dialogue. We are thankful to the representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Council of Volunteers under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Patriot Defense / Patriot Protection, the Office of Reforms within the Ministry of Defense, and other organizations that took part in the discussion.