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12 March, 2021
NAKO Presented a Research on Corruption in MoD's Real Estate
11 March 2021 NAKO presented new research named "Corruption in the Real Estate Sector of the Ministry of Defence: Risks and Recommendations". The presentation took place in the Verkhovna Rada's Committee on National Security, Defence, and Intelligence, particularly on the basis of the Subcommittee for values and NATO standards, international military cooperation and peacemaking. Only within 2016-2017, the State budget allocated UAH 1,2 bln on building and purchasing of housing for servicemen/women. More than UAH 600 mln have been used ineffectively or, to put it simply, illegally embezzled. UAH 32 mln more have also been supposedly embezzled. This is the Accounting Chamber's information. The key reasons for that are bad governance and lack of effective control over both the internal and external processes. The Deputy Chair of the Committee, Mariana Bezuhla highlighted the importance of maintaining active cooperation with civil society in order to reduce corruption risks in the defence and security sector. Deputy Minister of Defence Oleksandr Polishchuk agreed on that. In particular, he mentioned that NAKO is a part of the MoD's Commission for Risk Assessment, where NAKO is providing recommendations to the MoD's new Anti-Corruption Strategy. We thank Mariana Bezuhla for an opportunity to present our research to the MPs, representatives of the Ministry of Defence, the General Staff and NATO's Office.

Read "Corruption in the Real Estate Sector of the Ministry of Defence: Risks and Recommendations" in English: