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26 September, 2019
NAKO presented anti-corruption agenda within the defence and security sector
On September 26 in Kyiv a conference took place where experts and government officials presented more than 100 anti-corruption actions needed to mitigate large sectoral corruption schemes.

These actions were supposed to take place in almost each and every field: defence and security, healthcare, education, development, economy, infrastructure, environment, energy, social sphere etc. All recommendations presented had been developed under governmental-civic initiative «Together against corruption» in cooperation with experts from more than 90 NGOs including NAKO.  NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub spoke on how to mitigate corruption risks in defence procurement. NAKO’s advice is to increase the level of transparency within the classified procurement, including the State Defence Order, and to increase the efiiciency of public procurement as well. 

As of NAKO’s data, approximately 90% of classified procurement can be declassified with no damage to national security. When it comes to public procurement, NAKO recommends to improve the contracts of the Ministry of Defence as well as their procurement procedures.  The anti-corruption action plan is expected to be implemented as the number of projects by the government in cooperation with civil society. NAKO is ready to cooperate and has already established connections with executive bodies for effective reform within above mentioned issues.