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14 March, 2019
NAKO Held a Roundtable on the upcoming Presidential Elections and the Future of Defence Industry Governance
On 14 March 2019, NAKO, with the support of the Atlantic Group, held a Roundtable on presidential elections and the future of defence industry governance. The highly respected audience included defence attachés, consultants from Euro-Atlantic countries, Ukrainian defence experts and representatives of anti-corruption NGOs.

NAKO Committee Member Michel Yakovleff presented the results of a Questionnaire NAKO developed in order to gain insight as to how the presidential candidates plan to resolve defence sector corruption risks. He noted that one of NAKO’s aims was to help all candidates set the right priorities for themselves.

Forty-four candidates received the questionnaire,16 candidates replied. Notably no answers were received from President Petro Poroshenko. Yakovleff added that NAKO will observe and keep track on the manners in which the candidates and the new Commander-in-Chief will deliver upon their promises.

The future of Ukroboronprom, the state defence enterprise, was also discussed in light of the recent defence corruption scandal. NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub noted the need for an independent international audit noting international experts should be invited to Ukraine and participate. She added that Ukroboronprom should implement OECD corporate governance principles fully.

NAKO extends its gratitude to the Atlantic Group and Andy Bain in particular, for co-organizing the event.