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30 August, 2019
Law on Protection of Secret information Should be the Priority
On 30 August in the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center NAKOs Secretary General Olena Tregub announced the priority bills in Ukraine’s defence and security sector which NAKO recommends to be adopted by 2020.

The most urgent ones are the Law on protection of secret information and the Law on State Defence Order. Another priority area for the Parliament is reforming the Secret Service of Ukraine, according to the Law on National Security adopted in 2018. Tregub reassured that the Secret Service should not deal with investigating economic crimes, instead it should deal with counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and protection of state secret.

Apart from the legislative function, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada also enjoys the power of parliamentary control. Thus, NAKO Secretary General called for the deputies to properly execute control over the sector of defence and security and at the same time offered NAKO’s help to MPs if needed. The press conference to discuss the priority areas for Verkhovna Rada was organized by the Coalition of Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR).

We are grateful to RPR for organizing the platform for important discussion. We wish Verkhovna Rada all possible success in reforming Ukraine.