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9 September, 2019
NAKO will support MPs from Anti-Corruption Policy Committee with Expertise
On Monday, 9 September, the Independent Defence Anti-Сorruption Committee (NAKO) held a working breakfast with selected Parliamentarians interested in defence and security sector issues. Most MPs were from the Parliamentary Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy and Corruption Control.

Role of parliamentary oversight over the defence and security sector, as well as various corruption risks and concerns, were discussed. Another topic on the agenda was the urgent legislative initiatives to tackle corruption challenges within Ukraine’s defence and security sector. Halyna Yanchenko and Anton Polyakov from the Sluha Narodu Party (translated as the Servant of the People), Solomiya Bobrovska from the Holos Party (translated as the Voice) and Volodymyr Kabachenko with his assistant Olha Nahnibid from Batkivschyna (translated as Motherland) joined the breakfast at NAKOs invitation.

Thus, the representatives of two parliamentary committees were present: on anti-corruption policy and on foreign policy and cross-parliamentary cooperation. NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub shared with MPs the key findings of previous research on corruption risks in the defence sector. NAKO Сommittee Member Oleh Rybachuk discussed with them the most important laws in the security and defense sector which the civil society urges to adopt. Parliamentarians have expressed their willingness to cooperate with NAKO to reduce corruption in defence and security sector. NAKO is grateful to these parliamentarians for their openness for dialogue and looks forward to efficient cooperation.