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19 January, 2021
NAKO took part in MoD's corruption risks assessment
On January 15, 2021, at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, a regular meeting of Committee for Corruption Risks assessment took place.  Representatives of MoD and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as Viktor Soloviov from the Expert Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee and Svitlana Musiiaka, NAKO's policy expert took part in the meeting. A number of issues were discussed during the meeting, in particular:
  • procurement procedures;
  • relations with commercial structures;
  • material resources management;
  • military and economic activity of state enterprises;
  • use of defence lands;
  • construction, purchase and distribution of housing.
Corruption risks assessment is the foundation for a new Anti-Corruption Program of the Ministry of Defence for 2021-2024. It defines the principles of the general policy on the prevention and mitigation of corruption within the Ministry, as well as measures to manage such corruption risks.